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baby delivery pain

baby delivery pain is a fearful thought that scares every pregnant woman but all what you should do about it is to be prepared for it , stay calm  and the think positively as giving birth is just a life-changing event which would leave an impression on you all your life long and we will try to prepare you for your baby delivery pain by telling you what you will experience during giving birth.

baby delivery pain

baby delivery pain

during the early phases of Labor contractions  last between 30-60 seconds  and between 5-20 minutes apart this  phase of Labor might last for a few hours and sometimes lasts for several days .

the contractions you feel in this phase are the tightening and releasing of your uterus those motions will help your fetus bushing through your cervix.  these contractions could feel like heavy cramping or a pressure which begins in your back then moves to the front ,

however contractions are not a  indicator of labor but a general rule is that when you have contractions lasting you for a minute , around the 5 minutes apart for an hour then you are in true labor actually normal labor and delivery most of the time result in injury to the vagina or the cervix and the sometimes in both of them. about 70% of women in their first delivery have an episiotomy or some kind of vaginal trauma requiring repair .

the good news is vagina and the cervix has a rich  blood supply so injuries in this places  heal fast . you will feel all types of Sensations as their being parts  of the baby delivery pain the Sensations you will face the most are pressure and pain actually when you start to push some of that pressure will be relieved as your baby descend into the birth canal by this you will move from experiencing pressure only during contractions to experiencing increasing pressure that will be like a strong urge to have a bowel movement as a result of the baby pressure down on the same nerves .

by continuing  to describe a baby delivery pain  let me tell you that as your baby’s head emerges there will be a great relief from pressure even though you will keep feeling some discomfort .

The doctor now will ask you to stop pushing momentarily while your baby’s nose and mouth are  suctioned to clear out with the mucus and amniotic fluid , this is so important to be done before the baby started to cry and breathe .

the doctor will rotate your baby’s head a quarter of a turn to be in alignment  with his body that  is still inside you . the doctor will ask you to push again to deliver the shoulders .

one less the bush and here is your baby! generally baby delivery pain and labor do hurt but they are not as bad as in the television shows or friends and family make them out .

baby delivery pain feels like the menstrual pain  but actually more painful than normal but not excruciating .

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