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Bradley method

Bradley method embraces the ideas that childbirth is a natural process and that with the suitable preparation  most women could avoid pain medication and the routine interventions during labor and birth , Bradley method is named after  Robert Bradley American obstetrician Bradley developed the method in 1940 .

bardley method

Bradley method is a popular form of natural birth that uses the help of a coach along with different  pain-reducing techniques to help  mother deliver  their babies without unnecessary drugs or intervention .  Bradley method’s program lasts 12 weeks and it is more intensive  than the other two childbirth education classes you started a program in the fifth month of  pregnancy , proponents  claims that about 90% of Bradley-trained couples have had unmedicated  spontaneous vaginal births Bradley method’s philosophy says that  it takes months  to prepare for childbirth , parenting physically , mentally ,  and emotionally the course also emphasizes educating partners to be effective coaches .

Bradley method classes are limited to eight couples and  even smaller ,  the course will address the following

the importance of exercise during pregnancy

nutrition and how it affects a growing baby

common in pregnancy complaints and symptoms and how to deal with them.

methods to help your partner to be a skilled coach and effective participant on the Labor Day

techniques for relaxation during labor and delivery

medical interventions and how  to avoid unnecessary ones

making a birth plan and to know how  to communicate effectively with a medical team

how to reduce the risk of having a caesarean section and what you should do if it becomes medically necessary

caring for a new-born ,breastfeeding and adjusting to your role as parents

quicker recovery time following the delivery

considered the to be very safe

provides each couple a 130 page student workbook

Bradley method encourages moms-to-be to learn to trust their bodies and depend on  natural methods for birthing and a healthy pregnancy as deep breathing , nutrition, relaxation exercise  and education .

Relaxation is the key to the Bradley-method during labor as it is the safest way to reduce the unnecessary pain and how to handle it , while the other birthing methods seek to control the sensation of labor .

what draws many moms-to-be to The Bradley method is that it has  about with 90% success rate for natural birth that is very high in comparison to the other popular birthing methods .

The term Bradley method is a registered trademark which ensures your getting quality childbirth education . Bradley method instructors  are certified by the (AAHCC)  the American Academy of husband coached childbirth . they are highly trained to help you learn how to give birth .

The cost of the Bradley method classes varies as it depends on the individual and the area where the classes are offered .

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