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A birth plan is a document lets the medical team know your preferences for things as how to manage labor pain . it is a simple , clear , one-page document of your preferences for the birth of your baby , providing a copy of your birth plan for everyone involved in the birth will help them better understand what is going on and gives them the chance to resolve issues before the big day , you need to know that you can’t control every aspect of labor and delivery , also you will need to stay flexible in case anything comes up , which requires the birth team to depart from your plan , however a printed document gives you the chance to make your wishes clear . The written birth plan also helps you refresh tour healthcare providers memory while you are in labor , as it also informs new members of your medical team as your labor and delivery nurse . 

birth plan
most birth centers and hospitals provide a birth plan worksheet to explain their policies and philosophy of childbirth .
Many women feel like they are losing control during childbirth , a birth plan helps you maintain your focus and help you stay relaxed and calm even if unexpected events occur

In your birth plan try to plan for the unexpecting by using phrases such as “if a C.S becomes necessary” , design your birth plan with a positive focus , focus on what you want by using phrases such as “we plan to” or “we hope to” and try not to use sentences such as “we want to avoid” , “we are afraid of” or we don’t want “

You should keep your birth plan as concise as you could and let your partner and relevant family members as your mother or sisters know your wishes too .

Here are the top questions new mamas should ask themselves and discuss with their partners and doctors .
Will I have a labor coach ? And who will it be?
will someone be taking photos or videotaping ? and does the hospital allow that?
would I like to move around during labor?
do you I want anything special in the room as labor playlist on my iPod?
how do I feel about being induced?
how soon after my baby is born will I and my partner get to hold him?
will the baby sleep with me or in the nursery?
if it’s a boy will I have him circumcised ? and when?

you should mention what you would like to use for pain relief :

acupuncture/acupressure/breathing-techniques/cold-therapy/Demerol/distraction/hypnosis/hot therapy/massage/meditation/reflexology/standard epidural/walking epidural/nothing/whatever is suggested at the time ?

immediately after delivery I would like :
My hubby to cut the umbilical cord
to bank the cord blood
the umbilical cord to be cut only after it stops pulsating
to donate the cord blood
to see the placenta before it is discarded
you should mention what you would like to feed the baby
only with breast milk
only with formula
on demand
on schedule
do I prefer a certain position to give birth?
how do I feel about fetal monitoring?
do I want to wear my own clothing ?
do I want to use tub or shower?
if I need a caesarean section , will I have any special requests?

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