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Calcium deficiency in pregnancy

no body can admit the great benefits of calcium to our health , especially to a pregnant woman and her baby, calcium is not important only to our  bones and teeth, but also it has so many other great functions, e.g; maintain normal heart rate, blood coagulation, muscle contractions  and hormone release ,so calcium deficiency in pregnancy will lead to serious problems to the mother and her baby , this is what we will discuss in this article ,so keep reading ……

calcium deficiency in pregnancy


calcium deficiency  in pregnancy :

when you get pregnant , your baby is growing immediately and need high nutrition to promote his growth, especially calcium , but when have a deficiency in calcium , your baby will draw it from your bones to compensate the decrease , that is will impair your health later , in addition to this , low calcium intake can lead to a baby with problems in bones , nails , heart and nervous system .

symptoms of calcium deficiency in pregnancy :

here are some signs and symptoms of calcium deficiency in pregnancy, if you feel  any of them , you should immediately ask your doctor for advice .

  • brittle nails .

as you know calcium is very essential to a healthy nails , but low calcium intake , make your nails so brittle and break down easily.

  • muscle cramps .

As mentioned before, calcium is important to muscle contraction , so when there is calcium deficiency in pregnancy, pregnant women will feel muscle cramps then muscle aches .

  • toothache .

low calcium intake, will badly affect your teeth , as it’s the main component which form your teeth, so to avoid teeth problems and toothache, keep calcium in a suitable level in your body.

  • fatigue .

low calcium level is supposed to cause insomnia, fatigue and restlessness , you will feel pain in all your body.

so if you feel these symptoms, please check calcium levels in your body to prevent more bad results.

How much calcium you need during pregnancy ?

when you get pregnant , your need to calcium will be increased, so you should get at least 1,000 mg of calcium every day and keep this level constant even after pregnancy, as breastfeeding also need high amounts of calcium.

Calcium rich foods :

milk and the other dairy products are the highest sources of calcium, but there are other calcium rich foods e.g; canned fish ,almonds , Broccoli ,fresh bread , you should keep these foods as high as you can in your diet , to let your body enriched with calcium, read this article for more information about diet in pregnancy.

 When should take calcium supplements :

to avoid calcium deficiency in pregnancy , your doctor may subscribe you calcium supplement with vitamin D also , to aid the absorption .

there are two types of calcium supplements during pregnancy , calcium carbonate , which provide high amount of calcium but need more stomach acid to dissolve it , so preferably taken within meal , the other type is calcium citrate , which is easily absorbed  and can be taken on empty stomach .

At the end of our article, we hope to provide you with all information about calcium deficiency in pregnancy and wish you a healthy happy life .

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