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Chances of getting pregnant with condom

Chances of getting pregnant with condom increase and decrease according to some factors , some of them are:

Chances of getting pregnant with condom

-incorrect usage

Most people think that using condoms is so easy but the truth is it isn’t as easy as it seems , condom usage is divided to typical usage and perfect usage  , the perfect usage of condoms is 98% effective according to statistics , the error in using condoms lies on leaving space at the tip for semen .

-condoms effectiveness

The 98% effectiveness of condom usage means that 2-3% of the fifteen billion condoms used get broken during the sexual intercourse and this interpretation is considered to be essential at giving that person who is using the condom better odds than having 2% chance of getting pregnant every time is having intercourse using a condom .

Chances of getting pregnant with condom is affected by the condom breaking so why do they break?

Well there are various reasons which could lead to the condom breaking such as

  • its being so old . The modern condom pack got a specific date after it the condom may be expired .
  • improper storage . Condoms extensive exposure to heat could damage them that’s why they shouldn’t be kept in a hot place .
  • wrong kind of lubrication . The lubricants that contain oil as vegetable oil and vaseline shouldn’t be used and in particular with latex condoms as they reduce the strength of the used rubber .
  • too small . If it is too small try a larger size .
  • partner too tight . And here you could use an extra condom and more lubricant , but some people say that using two condoms together will make them more likely to break .

Most of time when there is much friction during sex additional water-based lubricant usage with the condoms reduce the risk of their breaking .

The chances of getting pregnant with condom reduce if the woman is on any other contraception as implanon or a pill , so it is advisable to use condoms with other methods of contraception if you want to reduce your chances of getting pregnant with condom .

You can also reduce the chances of getting Pregnant with condom by using them correctly , the following instructions might help ..

  • blowing condoms is so funny right? But you don’t have to do that as this could weaken them .
  • before using the condom make sure that there is no flakiness or discoloration .
  • that ‘Teat’ at the end of the condom .. squeeze air out from it .
  • roll your condom on to your erect penis which you should do when the penis is erect only .
  • when you take out the condom from its pack avoid catching it with your  nails .
  • If you intend to have intercourse in the same day clean your penis and use a new one .
  • don’t pull it from the tip , hold it while slowly pulling it off to keep the semen inside .
  • at last don’t you ever try to reuse a condom .

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