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childbirth classes

childbirth classes are  such a great method  to get prepared for Labor and birth. it depends on where you go as childbirth classes range from one day into weekly sessions last for a month or even more  the typical Childbirth classes consist of discussions , lectures  and exercises which all are provided by a trained childbirth instructor.

childbirth classes

the goal of childbirth classes is to provide you with enough information to be prepared for childbirth and to  you make suitable decisions and  minimize your fears as well as your learning for techniques that help you relax and cope with labor .

you can attend a childbirth classes through an independent instructor or organizations and some hospitals offer this class too.

 you should look for childbirth classes that covers ..

  • the normal progress of labor and birth
  • the signs of labor techniques
  • how could your partner help you during labor
  • when to call your Midwife or do

As it also teach the basics of the baby  care and breastfeeding and  provide a great chance to meet other expectant mothers who are going to have a baby the same age as yours

childbirth classes teach a certain childbirth method while many ( as the ones offered in a hospital )  don’t promote any certain techniques . you might want to search for a childbirth classes available in your region so you find that one which meets your needs for example if you want to give birth without an epidural you should look for an instructor who spend a lot of time in exploring the different natural ways of giving birth  but if you are going to ask for an epidural the courses by a stringently anti drug instructor isn’t suitable for you .

what are the benefits of childbirth classes ?

  • childbirth classes can  help you build your confidence in your body’s ability to deliver a baby
  • your husband will learn about childbirth and have to support you on the delivery
  • your instructor will discuss pain  relief option and relaxation breathing techniques , massage and the medication  

here are some classes offered for you:

  • Lamaze
    Lamaze includes :
    – positioning for Labor and birth
    – the normal labor , birth and postpartum period
    -relaxation and massage techniques
    -labor support
    – healthy lifestyle
  • the Bradley method
    this childbirth class covers
    -relaxation techniques
    -labor rehearsals
    -how to avoid a caesarean section
    -postpartum care

before you choose the class you should ask  the following questions

  • is instructors certified to teach you the childbirth classes?
  • what topics are included in the curriculum ?
  • what is the cost?
  • how often will the class meet?
  • how many couples will be in the class?

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