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delivery of baby in home

delivery of baby in home may be an option for you if you have a normal pregnancy and have no obstetrician or medical risk.

delivery of baby in home

delivery of baby in home

delivery of baby in home allows  you to labor and deliver in comfortable and familiar surroundings as you will be able to have more control over your birth experience then you would in the hospital and also you won’t have to endure the routine Medical inventions .  

delivery of baby in home allow your friends or family members to attend the birth while you can share this experience with them in the privacy of your home without the interruptions from the hospital staff. actually delivery of baby in home isn’t for everyone  since some mothers who are more likely to have complications must give birth in hospital and this includes women with  previous C-section or any other Uterine surgery . medical conditions as diabetes or high blood pressure pregnancy complications of preeclampsia , premature labor or twins or more  .

if you have chosen the delivery of a baby in home option you should be flexible and understand that in case of complications arising you may have to transfer your care to another provider or move to the hospital to give birth there .

you also should be committed giving birth without medication by preparing for delivery of baby in home and by making plans to make sure that you have an available good support in the days after your delivery of baby in home some studies showed that delivery of baby in home is just as safe as giving birth in the hospital

 there are also other studies showed that mothers who planned to give birth at home ended up with fewer interventions as C sections and episiotomies  in comparing you with a group of equally low-risk women  who planned to give birth in a hospital but in the United States delivery of baby in home remains controversial where the American Medical Association (AMA)  and the American College of obstetrician and gynecologists (ACOG)  refuse the delivery of baby in home as they say that the hospital is the safest place to give birth in because of the availability of the expertise of the hospital staff  if a complication arises suddenly while the governing Council of the American Public Health Association  when does American College of nurse-midwives support the delivery of baby in home choice

if you think you might have medical or obstetrical problems  that can keep you from delivery of a baby in home you should contact a home birth provider to share your concerns with and if there is no clear reasons to have a home birth you could make an appointment for the 1st  prenatal  visit where in this visit your caregiver  when do a physical exam and a detailed history with the usual set of lab tests and she will keep accessing your situation during your pregnancy labor, birth as well as your postpartum period

generally delivery of baby in home isn’t safe for every mom-to-be  and you may be a candidate for delivery in home if you meet these guidelines

  • a physician or certified nurse-midwife will attend
  • your delivery of baby in home you have an available and live Transportation within 30 miles of a hospital your pregnancy has been low-risk

also ACOG suggests your delivery of baby in home only if

  • your delivery is perfectly timed which means that you go into labor between 37-41 weeks
  • you are carrying one baby only
  • the baby is positioned for a vaginal delivery
  • your labor is spontaneous

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