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fitness during pregnancy

Fitness during pregnancy plays such an important character in having a fair babythat’s why we choose that topic to talk about in this article .

“ fitness during pregnancy “ is  so important to ensure having a fair baby and prepare you for an easy delivery .. so take a look at its benefits

fitness during pregnancy

benefits of fitness during pregnancy :

  • improve posture , muscle tone and strength
  • control of gestational diabetes
  • possible faster delivery
  • reduce backaches
  • enhance recovery from childbirth
  • improve energy levels
  • reduce bloating and swelling

What should you do to  keep your fitness during pregnancy?

  • eat healthy food to keep your fitness during pregnancy :
    -whole grains and bananas are rich in vitamin B6 that encourages the red blood cell formation . -sweet potatoes contain vitamin “A” which is amazing for growing bones . -spinach and salmon contain calcium , which helps in preventing bone loss during pregnancy and aids your baby’s bones .
  • take your time to cool down properly after exercising , stretch and relax as that makes your heart return gradually to its normal rate .
  • drink a lot of water before exercising and while you are exercising take frequent sips from your bottle which   will help in  regulating  your temperature and prevent being dehydrated .
  • take short naps through the day and that will help in recovering and maintaining your energy .
  • you can also try these exercises as they would really help in keeping your fitness during pregnancy:
    -plié-side-lying and outer thigh -plank-curl and lift-one arm row

  • do pelvic floor exercises daily as it helps keeping your back and spine strong .
  • Perform aerobic exercises as brisk walking , swimming and aquantal classes in addition to your ability to do some types of muscles strengthening exercises as Pilates and pregnancy yoga and these exercises don’t have to be formal to count regularly .. try to be active most of the time by walking regularly to work , and doing gardening and housework .
  • the first thing to do when you start caring about your fitness during pregnancy is to discuss this matter with your doctor as he has the most information about your health and about any risks you and your baby may face in the next months . 
  • Don’t exercise while lying flat on your back after 16 weeks of your pregnancy as that may cause dizziness and may put your womb on top of the vena cava which may reduce the blood flow to your fetus and your brain . 
  • you should be careful with the following positions:
    -standing on one leg
    -moving your legs too far apart

    If you felt any of the following symptoms visit your doctor because your workout has verged into too dangerous territory

    -muscle weakness
    -calf pain or swelling
    -preterm labor
    -Chest pain
    -vaginal bleeding
    -amniotic fluid leakage

    Watch out! Some sports are dangerous and you should avoid them while keeping your fitness during pregnancy …

    Well, during pregnancy the hormone relaxing softens the ligaments, that connect your bones as it also loosens your pelvic joints  ready for the  delivery , because now your joints are looser , it is better for you not to do any activity which could make you slip or fall.

    Some of these sports are …

    -horse riding
    -mountain climbing
    -poses that twist the abdomen
    -Bikram or hot yoga
    -contacts sports as football and basketball

    If you liked our topic share it so to let the others benefit from it ! 

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