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giving birth to twins

Giving birth to twins and triplets are more likely to be early usually before 38 weeks and they need more care after birth than single babies .

giving birth to twins

It is just a perfect idea to discuss giving birth to twins circumstances with your midwife or doctor early on pregnancy as you will probably be advised to give birth in a hospital because there is more chances of complications with twins , usually there are more health professionals at giving birth to twins as there may be an obstetrician , midwife and two paediatricians for each baby .

Many women think that they have to have a caesarean section in giving birth to twins , actually more than 40 % of all twins get born vaginally and the process is like that of a single baby and if you are planning for giving birth to twins vaginally it is recommended that you get an epidural for pain relief as if there are any problems the epidural makes it easier for the antenatal team o deliver your twins quickly , also in your vaginal birth you might need an assisted birth that where a suction up or forceps are used to help giving birth to twins .

If you have had a hard delivery with a single baby before it is advisable to have a caesarean section in giving birth to twins and even if you intend to have a vaginal birth it is possible to have an emergency caesarean section and that is due to  some reasons as the following :

  • the babies got distressed
  • you have high blood pressure
  • assisted delivery didn’t work
  • the labor progression is slow
  • the cord prolapses

Your labor in giving birth to twins may be very similar to the singleton one with contractions or your water breaking , a new study showed that the first stage of labor is often shorter in giving birth to twins which means that it will take less time to get to the point that you can start pushing .

After your giving birth to twins the midwife will examine the placenta and look at the membranes , if your new born babies have a single placenta with one outer membrane and two inner membranes that means that they are identical twins .

You should know that in rare cases you might deliver a twin vaginally and the other one through a caesarean section if the baby gets distressed and this procedure is called mixed delivery , mothers who have experienced mixed delivery always express nothing but gratitude as that procedure saved their baby’s life .

Check if the hospital offers support from communities neonatal nurse which will allow you and your twins to leave the hospital earlier such as if your baby is still tube-fed

     Sources : Australian institute of health and welfare

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