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Herbs for fertility

Herbs for fertility could be the answer for your questions about how to increase fertility naturally

Herbs for fertility

Here is a list of the best herbs for fertility :

  • Alfalfa

Alfalfa is very nutritious and high in minerals and vitamins which contains some phytoestrogens , aids in vaginal atrophy and against xenohormones and also contains a , d , e and k .

  • American ginseng root

These roots can support healthy sex drive , enhance men sexual performance and erectile dysfunction and could also strengthen the HPA axis , immune function and stress management .

  • Ashwagandha

If you are searching for herbs for fertility we recommend Ashwagandha for you as it supports the function of the endocrine system as well as its supporting proper immune response , support the body with proper stress response and possible autoimmune fertility issues .

  • Bee pollen

It has amazing results in boosting fertility and immunity as it supports healthy immune , stress response in the body and inflammation . So bee pollen is regarded as one of the best herbs for fertility .

  • Black cohosh

Its roots promotes regulation of the entire menstruations , amazing for relieving ovarian pain , reduces spasm in both the smooth muscles , and anti-inflammatory .

  • Black haw

A great kind of herbs for fertility which is very effective at reducing uterine contractions , cramp bark and black haw have specific actions on the uterus , its relaxing actions increase circulation to the uterus with allowing for toxin removal which may help the womb healing and improving the uterine health .

  • Blue cohosh

Which is great for uterine weakness and helps in regulation of the entire menstruations .

  • Blue vervain

One of the greatest herbs for fertility ever which supports proper function of the womb as well as its being antispasmodic .

  • Borage seed oil

Rich in omega-6 essential fatty acids and increases cervical mucous and balance hormones , it also supports the liver function.

  • Castor oil

It works in dissolving foreign tissue growth , as endometriosis , ovarian cysts , uterine fibroids .

  • Chamomile flowers

Another great herbs for fertility which is antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory , also it is very useful in experiencing menstrual cramps with irritability and anxiety .

  • Red clover

Which is rich in  high vitamin content and it help in balancing hormones and restoring fertility

  • Macca

Such a perfect kind of herbs for fertility which is famous for its vitality promoting properties and fertility and  it is good for men and women .women should take it between menses and ovulation only to guarantee not taking it during pregnancy .

  • Vitex\chaste tree berry

It can lower prolactin and raise progesterone and it can be the only method to increase fertility for some women   Red raspberry leaves

They are considered as a golden remedy for women trying to conceive as they are rich in potassium , magnesium , iron and b vitamins . They act as a calming uterine tonic with strengthening the pelvic and uterus muscles which can reduce the risks of miscarriage because of the uterine weakness . They also help the uterus to recover faster after the uterine trauma as uterine haemorrhage or surgery to remove fibroids or cysts .

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