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How to deal with depression during pregnancy

for every woman, get pregnant is a happy dream and excited journey that full of different events, challenges and feelings, but as you known your body experience many changes in the physical, physiological and psychological behavior,what make you feel different mood disturbances as depression, anxiety and panic attacks, so in this article we will discuss depression in pregnancy and tell you how to deal with depression during pregnancy , so pay me your attention………

depression during pregnancy

depression during pregnancy :

first you should know what is depression?depression during pregnancy is considered a mood disorder which make you feeling unhappy, uncomfortable and hopeless , this disorder is due to change in the level of chemical transmitters  in your brain, which is responsible for the stability of your mood, but depression in pregnancy has many causes that worsen the symptoms and make it uneasy to control, let’s talk about the possible causes of depression during pregnancy.

causes of depression during pregnancy :

  •  change in hormone’s level

when you get pregnant, your body secrete high levels of hormones estrogen and progesterone, these hormones are very important for preparing your body to pregnancy but high levels of estrogen and progesterone is supposed to alter the chemistry of your brain leading to depression and mood swings.

  • physical change in body

Your body experience different changes during pregnancy, most of time you are tired, exhausted and feeling pain in all your body, this limit your energy and making you uncomfortable, finally you will lose the desire to do anything that leads directly to bad mood and depression.

  • Fear of responsibility

With no doubt that pregnant woman is in real exam, and experience an important life event, what make it under pressure, and feel much fear from the New responsibility, she worries about her health, her baby’s health and if she has the enough experience to be a good mother, actually the pregnant woman undergo series of  continuous fears and thoughts, from the early signs of pregnancy, that why she always feel down and give up to depression.

It’s important to say that the main cause of depression, is change in the chemistry of your brain, but these factors combine together to increase the risk of depression during pregnancy .

Signs of depression during pregnancy:

Depression during pregnancy is hard to be diagnosed as it overlaps with the normal pregnancy symptoms, as lose of appetite, sleep disturbances but there are other symptoms if last with you for more than two weeks, so you already have the depression symptoms,you should have at least five of them….

  • losing the interest of your daily habits .
  • feeling extreme sadness all the time.
  • too much or too little sleep.
  • feeling guilt.
  • suicide thoughts.
  • lose of concentration.
  • change in the usual eating habits.
  • feeling anxious.
  • feeling hopeless, worthless.
  • tendency of being alone.

if you feel these symptoms, or any of them, don’t  hesitate to ask for help and support.

How to deal with depression during pregnancy?

researches have showed that 10% – 20% of pregnant women, are suffering from depression and anxiety in pregnancy, so it’s a major problem that you should know how to deal with, first of all if you feeling depressed during pregnancy, you should ask your doctor for a help, and tell him all the symptoms you feel, sure he is the best one to give you the suitable advice, i know talking about feelings and psychological state is little difficult, but it’s important to prevent you getting worsen,

your doctor will suggest you a lot of treatment options according to your state, either medication or group therapy or just teach you simple techniques that help you relax.

Is depression medication safe for your baby?

till now, there is not enough information for the safety of depression medications during pregnancy, and this still a point of debate, but if you struggle with severe depression and your doctor describe you certain medication treatment, don’t worry about that, as your doctor balance the benefits with harmful effects, so your baby will be safe.

here are some tips, to help you relax and get rid of the negative energy and bad feelings, let’s continue……

natural ways to treat depression during pregnancy:

if you have mild to moderate depression, so you can help yourself to get improved by follow these simple ways

  • Do extra exercise

physical activities and exercises are very important to your body heath and your mood too, they are supposed to increase circulation to your brain to deliver more oxygen, blood and nutrition , what made you feel energy and raise serotonin levels , so finally you feel better, but as  a pregnant  you should be careful while doing exercise and avoid violent movements , read this article for more information about fitness during pregnancy.

  • Eat happy foods.

eating healthy food is a must for any person, but here i am talking about certain types of food that boost your serotonin level and improve depression symptoms, in addition to raise your energy levels and make you ready to do your activities, from these happy foods are, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, coconut, eggs, chocolate also you should eat foods containing vitamin B and vitamin D , as researches proved that deficiency in vitamin B and D increase the possibility of depression.

  • Try Yoga techniques.

recent researches have showed that yoga is very helpful to make you relax and get rid of depression and anxiety and many doctors approved it as a good way for depression treatment.

  • never be alone.

if you feeling depressed during pregnancy, you should never stay alone, as being alone will let the bad thoughts control you and increase your sadness, try to talk with your best friends and your family members, this will help you a lot.

can depression during pregnancy affect your baby?

sure, untreated depression have harmful effects to your baby,as depressed mother will suffer from poor nutrition, health problems and suicidal behavior which can directly affect your baby and lead to premature birth or low  birth weight or even miscarriage, that why you should try to treat depression immediately once you feel the symptoms.

finally, our important advice to you, never to be ashamed from getting depression during pregnancy, as it’s a common phenomena between pregnant women, and you should know that we all care about your health, our  dear mother…


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