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increase fertility naturally

Increase fertility naturally requires some patience with following some steps represented in the following , so if you aim to increase fertility naturally focus on the next lines ….

Increase fertility naturally

Increase fertility naturally

Eat well

To increase fertility naturally stay well nourished ,  always make sure that your diet contain enough iron , zinc , protein (found in meat , low fat diary products , fish and eggs ) , vitamin c and d because the deficiencies in those nutrients have been linked to lengthened menstruation and higher risks of the early miscarriage .

Don’t eat raw fish or sushi and avoid fish which have high mercury content because of their environment a tilefish , king mackerel , shark and swordfish if you are trying to increase fertility naturally .

Stop drinking !

Researches shows that alcohol consumption is linked with a decreased ability to conceive as it alters estrogen levels which can interfere with ovum implantation , also if you are trying to increase fertility naturally you should cut back on caffeine as some researches suggest that caffeine has the ability to affect hormone levels and how long it takes to be pregnant , so try to be a teetotaler with limiting your daily java fix to 200 mg per day which equals 1-2 cups of coffee .

Watch your weight !

If you hope to increase fertility naturally keep in mind that the excess body fat could lead to an over production of specific hormones that disrupt ovulation and your menstruation may be irregular , with the ability to ovulate less often which lowers your chances of getting pregnant . On the other hand too little body fat means that your body might not produce enough hormones to ovulate monthly , exercising can help you maintain a healthy weight _check our article about  fitness during pregnancy   and talk to your doctor about your exercising routine before trying to conceive .

Give up smoking at once!

Cigarette toxins damage women’s ovum interfering with the implantation and fertilization process and can also cause the ovaries to age .

Stay fluid

Try to drink enough water to keep your urine in a light yellow color as when you don’t drink good amounts of water your cervical fluid which helps the sperm to find the target egg become sluggish. Also to increase fertility naturally your partner needs to take some other precautions ..

  • never put laptop directly on his lap
  • avoid saunas and hot tubs as heat could dissipate sperm count
  • avoid radiation exposure by keeping mobile phones away from his body  
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