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inducing labor naturally

inducing labor naturally can be done through some methods which are backed by science let’s unpack them all

inducing labor naturally

inducing labor naturally

  • Have sex a lot!
    many women succeed in inducing labor naturally by having more sex , that’s because semen contains prostaglandins , the key to having sex work for inducing labor naturally is to do it a lot , with this method think about ( three times is a charm ) as three ejaculations are supposed to contain the same amount of prostaglandins
  • nipple stimulation
    nipple stimulation could work for inducing labor naturally or to boost a stalled labor the best way to do the nipple stimulation is to stimulate the whole breast not only the nipples  the best of technique for induction in the savings the mother’s sore  and The Tender nipples is a slow rhythmic massage of the breasts  behind the areola you can do that with your own self or by having  your partner’s assist  some Mother’s try using a breast pump but actually it isn’t that necessary
  • energy Primrose oil
    this oil contains the prostaglandins that help ripen the cervix for Bringing on the labor there are Some studies on the safety and effectiveness of the evening primrose oil   showed that it may have some risks as it may cause labor to last a few hours longer or may close early rupture of membranes
  •   dates
    Dates are found to help inducing labor naturally if there is a study found that  women who consumed 6 today to pay me for 4 weeks before their due date had significantly higher cervical dilation
  • nutrition
    follow your pregnancy diet  to stay hydrated labor is a horse work and you will need all the power and the support you can get as this might not kick-start  your labor and the will help you feel calm , strong and prepared when labor begins
  • guided relaxation
    deep breathing calming affirmations in the guided meditation could do amazing things to get your body relaxed  and prepared to welcome the baby Woody and the fearful thoughts could release adrenaline into some other stress hormones Which can shut off the labor process
  • long walk
    going for a long walk is a good option for inducing labor naturally but when you feel tired the stop walking and relax as exhaustion  is not a good way to go into labor at all .
  • spicy foods
    some others swear by spicy foods in inducing labor naturally has the spicy foods act similar to the castor oil in its  intestinal stimulation   but you have to keep in mind that  spicy foods can cause indigestion
  • pineapple
    the bromelain in it is said to share in inducing labor naturally by stimulating the uterus
  • acupressure
    it contains a putting the pressure on certain points on the body to stimulate the uterine activity 0 – 2 pressure points can help inducing labor naturally the whipping inside of your leg about four finger-width  above your ankle bone in between your thumb and the index finger however talk  with your practitioner before you press

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