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labor and delivery nurse

Labor and delivery nurse care for women throughout labor and childbirth , she also prepare them for the stages of giving birth

labor and delivery nurse

labor and delivery nurses help to bring the babies in our world every  day , they Care for Women  throughout labor and childbirth , coaching moms , assisting doctors and monitoring the baby and his mother ,  a labor and delivery nurse prepare women and their families for the stages of giving birth  and they help mothers with breastfeeding after the baby is born.

The labor and delivery nurse is generally employed by clinics , hospitals , and physician’s offices as well as birthing centers , she may work rotating shifts , weekends , nights and holidays

labor and delivery nurse does the following:

  • time contractions
  • monitor the baby’s heart rate and the mother’s blood pressure
  • identify and assist with complications
  • assist with various procedures including caesarean sections
  • aid in inducing labor
  • consult with physicians and other members of the medical team
  • help administer  medications and epidurals
  • prepare New Moms for before ,during and after pregnancy

this job is characterized by the following:

  • fast-paced
  • multifaceted
  • structured
  • patient-facing

labor and delivery nurses should be a quick thinker , a good communicator, and a rapid assessor  to treat unpredictable  shifts in the health of the mother and her baby with compassion and  safety .  the key skills also needed by a labor and delivery nurse include emotional stability ,  critical thinking skills , detailed-oriented and patience , she should also display good judgment and possess the ability to make quick decisions,  she must also be familiar with Microsoft Excel , medical software and accounting software ,  the ability to use various medical equipment and  measure Vital Signs is also required .

to become a labor and delivery nurse you should follow the following steps:

  1. you must obtain Nursing training as an associate’s degree in nursing , a nursing  diploma from an accredited  nursing hospital or a school or a bachelor’s degree in nursing , the bachelor’s degree programs  are completed in four years ,  on the other hand diploma and associate’s degree in nursing take at least two years ,  Nursing degree programs include courses in Psychology,  chemistry nutrition, Anatomy ,microbiology , and pharmacology .
  2. in order to gain licensure  individuals must  provide transcripts ,  demonstrate basic nursing skills and pass the NCLEX-RN ,  that exam measures  the technical skills and the knowledge that entry-level nurses need to perform their jobs efficiently and safely .
  3. gain work experience in labor and delivery .  the labor and delivery nurse is also required to have knowledge of fetal monitoring and the neonatal resuscitation .

Does a labor and delivery nurse job suit you?

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