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normal delivery of baby , giving birth in water and cesarean birth

there are many issues related to labor and delivery , Every Woman  whether she is pregnant or not  should know everything about them  , from the signs of early labor and delivery contractions to the normal delivery of baby , giving birth in water and cesarean birth .

labor and delivery

so dear lady , you can consider this article your guide in labor and delivery , where in it you  will find all the information you need to know about  some important issues , as how to induce labor , labor contractions and signs of early labor ,  you will also find out what you need to know about normal delivery and the caesarean birth ,  and don’t worry you will find the answers for your questions about  giving birth in water too .  what you have to do now is to chill and read the following lines carefully .

first of all let’s  talk about the normal delivery of baby

the delivery of a  full-term baby refers to delivery at a gestational age of 37-42 weeks  determined by the last  menstrual cycle or through ultrasonographic dating  and evaluation , naegel rule  is a used the formula to expect the due  date  which is based on the date of the last menstrual cycle, that rule assumes a menstrual period  Of 28 days and mid-cycle ovulation ,  labor and delivery are divided into 3 stages .

the first stage

the Cervix dilates due to the progressive rhythmic uterine contractions ,  actually this is the longest stage of Labor and the delivery and is graded 0-100% ,  this stage is also divided into the latent and the active phases .

  • the latent phase  usually lasts for many hours where the cervix dilates  slowly from closed to 4-5 cm
  • the active phase lasts from the end of the latent Phase till the delivery , the cervix dilates rapidly in this case it usually dilates at a rate of 1.2 cm/h in a multiparous women and 1.0 cm/h in nulliparous women

the second stage

second stage of Labor is the period of time between the complete cervical dilation and delivery of the neonate ,  this phase could last from minutes to hours, actually the maximum accepted time  for this stage depends on the women’s parity and whether they have an epidural ,

 there are six Cardinal movements of  labor occur throughout the second stage of Labor and delivery

  • engagement  of the fetus’s head into the lower pelvis
  • flexion of his head putting the occiput in a presenting  position
  • The Descent of the neonate of the mother’s pelvis
  • internal rotation of vertex to manoeuvre past the lateral ischial spines
  • extension of the fetus’s head to pass beneath the maternal symphysis
  • external rotation of his head  after the delivery to facilitate the shoulder delivery

The third stage

the delivery of placenta is the third stage of Labor and Delivery it usually  occurs within 30 minutes of delivery of the baby .  

normal delivery of baby includes the following circumstances

  1. spontaneous labor mediated by placental and pituitary hormone Cascades
  2. rupture of chronic and amniotic membranes
  3. induction of Labor
  4. normal delivery of baby After Cesarean birth
    while is safe in most circumstances normal delivery of baby after a previous cesarean  birth  remains controversial  due to the rare but serious complication of uterine rupture  where is the risk of uterine rupture is nearly 0.5 in Mothers who had one cesarean birth before . the rate of success of this procedure is more than 50% .  the normal delivery of baby after Cesarean birth is contraindicated in the cases of  more than one previous cesarean birth ,  the history of a classical uterine scar ,  the presence of other uterine scars ,  the presence of placenta Previa or concern for true cephalopelvic disproportion.   the baby delivery pain is a result of the muscular and  labor contractions and the pelvic  pressure from organ distension .

signs of early labor

signs of early labor

here are the signs that can indicate your baby is on the way

   your waters break

this could happen as all-in-one gush  for a slow trickle which lasts  for a few days , the waters  can break at any time  throughout labor and delivery , or they may be broken by the midwife to kick-start labor .

   heartburn relief

another one of the signs of early labor is the heartburn relief luckily in the weeks before the birth you could notice symptoms get slightly better because your fetus has been dropped , which means that he has moved down into the pelvis  ready for getting it out  to our world .  you can feel  the heartburn relief and  that you can breathe more easily , as Your  fetus isn’t pushing against your lungs as before decreasing  their capacity.


a severe pain in your lower back means that your fetus is rotating into the right position ready  For labor and delivery.  backache could also be the start of your labor contractions to get through the discomfort take the recommended dose of paracetamol , put your feet up with a back rub by the help of your partner and have a warm bath.

   the nipples leaking

a common  one of the signs of early labor is the nipples leaking , it doesn’t only happen during the breastfeeding  but also throughout  your final trimester of pregnancy ,  you will probably notice that most in the weeks before your baby arrives .
if you are getting wet patches  on Your blouses  you can buy some disposable breast pads which you can put inside your bra.


the hormones which help your uterus contract could also sometimes cause diarrhea the hours before your baby arrives and it is another important one of the signs of early labor which  when it happen you should increase the amount of water you are drinking and the stop drinking milk and sugary drinks , that can make  diarrhea even worse and try eating food , as  rice for keeping your energy levels up.

   frequent toilet stops

you will notice your frequent urination during pregnancy as the growing baby presses on your bladder  but this could increase even further in the final week before delivery as your fetus  positions  himself in the pelvis , all what you can do about that is  to carry on drinking water to prevent becoming DEHYDRATED and avoid coffee, citrus fruit and soft  drinks as these tend to irritate your bladder.

sudden burst of energy and  Walking  differently are signs of early labor too

labor contractions

 real labor contractions tend to  start  weak as period contraction  then grow in frequency  and  intensity,  established  labor is usually when you have a 3 one minute contraction  the space of ten minutes .when the contractions get so intense  and you struggle to then you are delivering

how to induce labor?

if you can’t wait anymore to carry your baby in your arms  go ahead and find out how to induce labor naturally

  • walking
    walking during pregnancy might help draw your baby into the pelvis , the pressure of the baby  on Your pelvis might then prime the cervix for Labor or if you have already  some  contractions it might help labor progress , just  don’t walk too much and tire yourself because you will need  all the energy you can muster to push out your baby
  • sex
    sperm contains prostaglandin hormones which  could help dilate and thin your cervix ,  some researches shows that women who keep having sex late in pregnancy may carry the babies longer than those who abstain
  • spicy food
    some people believe that spicy food as castor oil irritate the intestines and that can cause the uterus to contract ,  there is no evidence proves  that spicy food is a certain answer for your question  how to induce labor but if you would think that your bloated belly could stomach a couple of chilli tacos go ahead for it!
  • acupressure
    acupressure can be the answer  for you to question how to induce labor , two pressure points May induce your labor naturally ,  inside of your leg Around four Finger-widths  above your ankle bone and webbing between your thumb and the index finger ,  you should talk with your practitioner before you press
  • Evening primrose oil
    It has substances which your body changes into prostaglandins, which soften the cervix and prepare it for labor.

giving birth in water

giving birth in water

giving birth in water means at least part of Labor and Delivery  or both happen, when you are in a pool filled with warm water , it can take  place in a birthing center , hospital or at home and  a nurse Midwife or a doctor can help you through it.

giving birth in water during the first stage of Labor might

  • keep you from needing anaesthesia
  • help ease pain
  • speed up your labour

the ACOG  says that giving birth in water in the first stage of labor (from when labor contractions start till your cervix is fully dilated )   might have some benefits while delivering under water is considered an experimental procedure with risks , studies show that  giving birth in water during the first stage doesn’t improve your or your  fetus’s outcome .

some doctors say  that there isn’t enough information to decide how useful or safe  giving birth in water is during the second stage . being out of the water for your labor’s  second part makes it easier to move fast if something went wrong .

giving birth in water risks

  • you or your baby could get an infection
  • your baby’s body temperature can be too low or too high
  • the umbilical cord could snap  before the baby comes out of the water
  • your baby could breathe in the bath water
  • the baby could have seizures

you shouldn’t try giving  birth in water if

  • you are having twins or multiples
  • you are younger than 17 or older than 35 the baby is in the breech position
  • the baby is premature
  • you have an infection
  • you need to be constantly monitored as that can’t be done in the tub

if you want to buy your own pool for a home birth it ranges between $65 to $500 depending on how fancy you go .

if you are giving birth in water at the hospital the midwife’s fee is a part of what you pay the facility ,  the fees for a water birth at home will be the same as normal delivery of baby from $2,000 to $60,000 .

cesarean birth

your doctor may peg you for a cesarean birth in advance of your due date some , factors that may necessitate a cesarean birth are:

cesarean birth

  • infections you have an active genital herpes infection or if you are HIV-positive , a cesarean birth is necessary as both viruses could be transmitted to your baby during the delivery .
  • certain medical conditions
    cesarean birth is a safer option if you have a chronic condition as heart disease , high blood pressure , diabetes or kidney disease which makes the normal delivery of baby dangerously stressful to your body .
  • your baby’s health
    A congenital condition or an illness may make your already tricky journey through the birth canal mire treacherous for the baby
  • some other complications
    as preeclampsia or eclampsia and treatment isn’t working , the practitioner may opt for a caesarean birth to protect both of you
  • multiples
    the likelihood of a cesarean birth increases with the number of babies you are carrying.
  • your age
    while being older doesn’t guarantee a cesarean birth , the odds of one increase with age .
  • breech position
    if your fetus is either butt-first or feet-first a breech position and can’t be turned a caesarean birth may be necessary.

if your practitioner says that a cesarean birth is necessary ask for a detailed explanation of the reasons and if there is any other options for you .

if this article was good enough to be your guide share it to let it guide the others too !

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