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natural birth control methods

Natural birth control methods can teach women how to determine the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle . to prevent getting pregnant women should avoid sex on their fertile days .

natural birth control methods

There are many natural birth control methods which ebb and flow with the hormonal changes of each menstruation , some of these natural birth control methods are :

natural birth control methods

  •  The method of basal body temperature
    Another one of the natural birth control methods is the basal body temperature method ,where in it women take their waking temperature to identify the rising  in their temperature indicating that ovulation has passed , high waking temperature for about three to four consecutive days is considered as a confirmation of the post-ovulatory less fertile phase .
  •  Lactational amenorrhea method
    This  method is used by women who have just given birth , and are exclusively breastfeeding , that method is so effective for 6 months after childbirth , provided women breastfeeding the baby at least every 4 hours in day , and every 6 hours at night , and that their menstruations hasn’t yet returned as fertility will return at any time after 6 months .
  •  Rhythm method
    This method is one of the least effective birth control methods , it predicts women fertile days using calculation that based on the length of the past cycles and not daily observation of fertility signs . actually  This method isn’t usually recommended as it is know to be one of the least effective birth control methods as we mentioned before .
  •  Mucus inspection method
    This method depends on the absence and presence of a certain type of cervical mucus that women produce in response to estrogen , women usually generate larger amounts of watery mucus than usual right before the release of an egg from their ovaries . Women can learn recognizing differences in the quality and quantity of their cervical mucus by checking its appearance on their underwears , toilet tissues and pads or they may gently remove a sample of mucus from their vaginal opening using two fingers .
  •  Symptothermal method
    This method is a combination between other natural birth control methods as it combines certain aspects of the calendar with the basal body temperature method and the mucus one . other symptoms are taken into consideration besides all these factors as breast tenderness and slight cramping while some women experience lower abdominal pain during the release of an egg .


Advantages of using natural birth control methods are found in

  • cost savings
  • lack of health-care visit or prescriptions
  • avoidance of procedures or medications

While the disadvantages of using natural birth control methods are found in that they can be hard to use correctly , the  intercourse must be avoided in certain times of the month and these methods are not as effective as some forms of contraception .


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