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nurse midwife

working as a certified nurse midwife demands significant  formal education.   in this article you will know almost everything about the nurse Midwife education , job duties ,  and certification . maybe you find out that it is the  right career for you !

nurse midwife

certified nurse midwife

a certified nurse midwife works  closely with pregnant women , assists in births and provides women with health care and infants post-pregnancy ,  she might works in hospitals , schools , health , departments , free-standing clinics , ambulatory care centers , private practise and homes .

a certified nurse Midwife is a specially trained registered nurse who has received a master of science in nursing . she is licensed registered nurse with a specialized graduate degree in nurse midwifery . The common educational path to that career is obtaining a bachelor of science in nursing as well as completing an accredited MSN program .

The registered nurses who are holding nursing certificate or an association’s degree can complete an RN-to-BSN programs which will qualify them to pursue an MSN , those programs allow RNs to obtain  BSN within one to two years .

the certified nurse midwife main duty is to assist  women in all their  pregnancy stages ,  childbirth  and post-delivery , she also works with gynecologists  and obstetricians  in examining  and treating  women with chronic and acute illness.

a certified nurse midwife also  counsels and educates patients , conducts examinations and takes detailed medical histories , in addition to her performing diagnostic tests and procedures or ordering  these tests to be done by technologists , in some cases the certified nurse midwife prescribes pharmaceuticals ,  she also often has administrative duties as keeping detailed records of the patients ,  she also offers support and advice following  events as miscarriage , stillbirth , termination , neonatal , neonatal death , breastfeeding , bathing and making up for the new-born babies .

A certified nurse midwife must have a compassionate nature and enjoys working with women from different types and cultures from the teenage stage to the menopause one , she must be able to work well in a team and has excellent communication skills as the ability to listen to patients with understanding and kindness  , she also must have the ability to react effectively and quickly in times of stress , a caring manner for dealing with women and their relatives in the emotional and hard situations .

Midwives with previous nursing experience say that it was very useful when the started their midwifery training , these useful  experiences include supporting teenage parents , working with charities that deal with issues as birth defects , miscarriage   and bereavement or with breastfeeding groups.

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