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ovulation induction

ovulation induction is just a simple process that encourages the ovaries to release eggs , so your chance of conception gets maximized through intercourse or artificial insemination , this process suits women who produce low levels of hormones for ovulation , or those who don’t ovulate at all , women will take medication to stimulate their hormones

ovulation induction

learn how ovulation induction works

your ovulation cycle will be confirmed by:
-measuring hormone levels at specific stages of your cycle through taking blood samples .
-carrying out a trans vaginal ultrasound to watch the development of follicles in the ovaries , and the appearance and thickness of the lining of the womb.

candidates for ovulation induction

women who ovulate infrequently or those who dont ovulate at all are really benefited by undergoing ovulation induction through various fertility drugs based on their extract etiology for having ovulation difficulty, ovulation induction is also used for women undergoing an IVF cycle to maximize the egg production , women with unexplained infertility who ovulate regularly could also be treated with ovulation induction to increase the number of ovulation each cycle to give them better odds in achieving a conception .

the ovulation induction cycle

first day of your menstrual cycle
call the clinic you deal with to arrange an appointment for a blood test .

fourth day
start taking medication

tenth day
go to the clinic for an ultrasound test and this will determine whether you are about to ovulate or not for women who dont have a normal cycles , it could take some time to ovulate , actually it is not unusual for ovulation to occur much later in their menstrual cycles .

the medication used for ovulation induction

  • clomiphene citrate could be taken as a part of artificial insemination treatment for unexplained infertility to increase the pregnancy chances .
  • the folic stimulating hormone injection will further boost your chances of success .
  • gonadotropins which is an injectable medication used to induce the release of the egg once the eggs are mature and follicles are developed , its side effects include abdominal discomfort / distention , mood swings , bloating sensation , restless or fatigue , these side effects can be relieved by follicular aspiration .
  • parlodel .. it is a medication used to lower prolactin levels , it can also reduce pituitary tum or size .

the more aggressive level of ovulation induction is called superovulation , that treatment uses gonadotropins or sometimes a combination of gonadotropins and clomiphene to stimulate the production of multiple eggs , women undergoing superovulation must be closely monitored by blood tests and ultrasounds , the success rate per superovulation treatment cycle is around 10-20%  and it is based on the woman’s age .

the new ovulation induction fertility treatment options for women with PCOS manual of ovulation induction .

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