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pain during pregnancy third trimester

Pain during pregnancy third trimester is not like any other pain you have experienced . So we wrote that article to tell you all what you need to know about pain during pregnancy third trimester , as it is so important to know what is normal and what is not , So read the following lines carefully ..

pain during pregnancy third trimester

This trimester may includes insomnia and pain .

Pain can occur in every part of your body during this trimester from your back to your hips and stomach , and some other places may be sore and uncomfortable . And you will experience the following…

pain during pregnancy third trimester

Lower back pain

As your body gets through further changes during this trimester , the level of the hormones increases so your connective tissue loosens which enhances flexibility in your pelvis which allows your baby to pass through the birth canal easier , but women frequently experience pain in their hips since the connective tissue loosens and stretcher , it can also be accompanied with a lower back pain .

You can relieve pain during pregnancy third trimester by sleeping on a side with a pillow between your legs as it opens the hips slightly .

Also getting prenatal massage , taking a warm bath , sitting in chairs with a good back support can also relieve pain during pregnancy third trimester .

And it is better to contact your doctor if you feel any pressure , radiating toward your thighs , and if the pain gets accompanied by stomach cramping .

Abdominal pain

Pain during pregnancy third trimester includes stomach pain which in turn includes constipation , contractions , braxton-hicks , gas or false labor .

And that pain could be due to preeclampsia , urinary tract infection or a placental abruption (which occurs when you placenta gets separated from the uterus too early ) .

So it is advisable to call your doctor in case of experiencing



-a fever

-vaginal bleeding



Do you know what is the sciatic nerve ? Well  , it is a long nerve that runs from the lower back to the feet , the pain in this nerve is called sciatica , and many women experience it as it takes part in their pain during pregnancy third trimester as the enlarged uterus presses on the sciatic nerve , and this pressure causes tingling pain or numbness in the lower back and thighs .

You can ease that pain by taking a warm bath and stretching .

Vaginal pain

This pain during third trimester could make you feel stressed as you wonders whether that pain is a birthmark  or a sign that something is wrong .

Actually it depends on the degree of the severity of the pain ,

And you should call your doctor at once if you experience

-intense vaginal pain or vaginal bleeding

-intense pain in the lower abdomen

Now let’s move to insomnia as it plays an important role in the pain during pregnancy third trimester ..

First of all what is insomnia?

It is a sleep disorder which makes you face difficulties to fall asleep , or to stay asleep on a regular basis .

The national sleep foundation showed that about 97% of women are reported to be awoke up an average of three times per night during the pregnancy third trimester , and 66% are reported to be woke up five times or more per week .,

The reasons behind insomnia in the third trimester :


Your sleep can be affected by snoring where a study showed that 30% of women snore during pregnancy because of the swelling of the nasal passages , and also the baby’s increased size forms additional pressure on the mother’s diaphragm or her breathing muscles .

Baby’s growing size

In this trimester your baby gets much larger which can make it difficult to breathe while you are asleep as the pain during pregnancy third trimester which you get from your lower back can affect your ability to sleep comfortably .

Leg cramping

You may suffer from leg cramping and restless leg syndrome in the end of your pregnancy cramping is resulted from too much phosphorus and too little calcium in your body , restless leg syndrome can include

-sleep interruption

-night time Leg twitching

-a strong urge to move one of your legs

How to fight insomnia?

-sleep on your left side with a pillow under your belly and avoid sleeping on your back          

-drink good amounts of water as that helps reducing cramps

-stretch your legs before going to bed


If you benefited from our article about pain during pregnancy third trimester share it let the others benefit too!      

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