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Planning to get pregnant and want to know the best ways to get pregnant and want to know how to get pregnant fast? Or have trouble getting pregnant and need to know more about getting pregnant at 40 ?

planning to get pregnant

Are you planning to get pregnant and need some help ? Do you want to know how to get pregnant quick and what is the best ways to get pregnant? Do you have trouble getting pregnant and want to know more about getting pregnant at 40 ? We will try to help you facing the problems of getting pregnant by providing you with more information about pregnancy as the ways to get pregnant and how to get pregnant fast . Because we know that there is no woman on earth hasn’t thought about getting pregnant and how much you dear lady care about that issue … we will try to summarize everything you need to know about pregnancy in the next lines…

First of all you need to know what’s is the pregnancy case and what does pregnancy medically means….

Pregnancy is the state in which women carry a fertilized egg inside her uterus . The egg get fertilized by the sperm and then get implanted in the lining of the uterus , this state “pregnancy” usually takes about 9 months and it is divided into three stages each stage lasts for 3 months

First month

1 months pregnant
At the end of the first month the embryo’s head , arms , legs , liver and digestive system starts to develop and his heart start to beat

Second month

In the second month the embryo’s heart starts to pump and the nervous system starts to develop , facial features start to form , legs , arms and all the major organs start to appear

Third month

Now the major blood vessels and the roof of the mouth is almost completed , fingers and toes appear , the kidneys are now functional and the four chambers of the heart complete

Fourth month

Even though most women still can’t feel the baby’s movement at this point he begins to kick and swallow , all his organs are now completely formed and now has skin hair and eyebrows .

Fifth month

In this month mother may feel her baby’s movement , and she can hear his heartbeat with a stethoscope.

Sixth month

A fetus born during this month can survive even though his lungs aren’t fully developed .

Seventh month

1 months pregnant
Now the fetus can suck his thumb and look around his watery womb with open eyes .

Eighth month

The fetus gets prepared for delivery next month by moving his head down


The fetus drops lowers into the mother’s abdomen and prepares for the onset of labor which may begin anytime between the 37th and 42nd week of gestation .



After you knew what pregnancy exactly means , now the question is how pregnancy occurs?

Well… sperms take a long journey since they get out from the penis till they reaches the ovum and it needs a huge number of sperms reaches to 25 million for the fertilizing process to succeed as many of these sperms die during that journey.

Sperms rush like a fighting army to the vagina and during this process many of those sperms die , after that they have two ways to get through whether the right ovary or the left one , some of them take the way to the right ovum through the right Fallopian tube and the others take the way to the left one through the left Fallopian tube and since that the ovum is in one side only whether left or right , half of the sperms get lost , the ovum needs only one sperm to fertlized it which when it pierce it its wall get closed to prevent the entrance of any other sperm which will lead to the failure of the process.

After the ovum gets fertilized a cell is formed and divides into two cells then four then eight till they reach 46 chromosomes and starts to move through the Fallopian tube towards the womb making use of the cilia movement found in the fallopian tube which helps its movement till it settles in the endometrial .


After you almost knew everything about pregnancy you may be asking yourself what is the best ways to get pregnant?

Pregnancy occurs through the intercourse when the semena of the man reaches the womb of the woman and meets the ovum which is ready to be fertlized .


Intercourse should be done in determined times in the month to allow the fertilization process to take place , when the ovum is completely ready to receive the sperm which can get through it and fertilize it .

And to get pregnant naturally woman should know her ovulation times which is expected to be in 10-14 days before the start of her PMS (Period) , so if your PMS is regular (every 28 days) then the best days for pregnancy to occur are 10/12/14/16/20 since the start of the PMS and it’s not preferable to have sex daily so that the semen be in its best form in number and movement so it’s advisable to have sex every two days .

But sometimes it isn’t that easy to get pregnant and that’s for some reasons as :

– Some problems in the medical examinations done before marriage.

– The intercourse is not done in the suitable times.

– Problems in the ovum , nutrition and ensure for both men and women.

And now you must be wanting to know how to get pregnant quick..


-Dear woman you should take care of the cleanliness of your genital areas because any health problem you have may delay pregnancy and may lead to sterility as the bad smell from those places is because of the bacteria .

-Try hard to stay away from stimuli especially that you drink at night because they have bad effects on the nerves in addition to alcohol and smoking .

-you should watch your Weight before pregnancy which may duplicate if you neglect it after pregnancy.

-after the intercourse try to put your leg in a high position like a pillow to allow the sperms to settle in your body and don’t get out when you stand up or move.

getting pregnant at 40

Another important topic related to pregnancy is getting pregnant at 40


As we all know getting pregnant is such a hard thing but when you are over 40 it is even harder .

Actually if you delayed your pregnancy till you get got 40 this means you have no idea about the difficulties that you will face , but medical reports referred that the number of the babies for who are over 40 has been increased by 15% in the last 5 years .

Luckily , there are many options which allow you and your husband to have a baby after your being 40 .

But there are many things you should pay them attention , since your ovum start to decrease naturally as you get older which may lead to problems in the chromosomes as down syndrome , birth defects and miscarriage.

And there are also other problems the woman may face as heart diseases and high blood pressure .

If you already started to worry about getting pregnant at 40 don’t be afraid because you aren’t alone and there is nothing impossible.

But no one can deny that pregnancy chances in that age gets lower as the child research centers statistics showed that your chance of getting pregnant at 40 through a year since the start of your trial is about 40% to 50% in comparing with the woman in her 30s whose pregnancy chance is 75% and the age of 43 that chance lowers to 1% or 2%

In this age the idea of the IVF is considered the most popular choice , but there are also some other choices as :

-couples try the normal artificial insemination without medicines which costs probably nothing and probably has no side effects , since that way works in the cases which the woman is in the pre-menopausal phase or has a few number of ovums which fertility medicines won’t work with

-IVF moderate which uses some medicines for 5-9 days only with some side effects and low cost and that option targets the quality of ovum and fetus not their amount.

Also the main thing to do to increase your fertility is to take care of your body health and watch your weight and if you smoke you should give up smoking immediately , also you should take folic acid regularly and eat healthy food , also you have to contact your doctor to lead you to the right pass.












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