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preeclampsia in pregnancy

in this article, we will talk about preeclampsia in pregnancy , preeclampsia causes and symptoms, its effect on you and your baby ,and preeclampsia treatment so be attention as it’s a serious condition.

preeclampsia in pregnancy

preeclampsia in pregnancy

What is preeclampsia ?

preeclampsia is a serious pregnancy condition , that result in high blood pressure , kidney problems and high level of protein in the urine , this condition affect about 5% of pregnant women , and considered as a life threatened condition .

if preeclampsia not treated , it will lead to more dangerous condition called, eclampsia, characterized by seizures and convulsions in pregnancy , so you must check your blood pressure continuously and notice any unusual symptoms to help in the early diagnose of preeclampsia .

there is no definite time for getting preeclampsia in pregnancy, but most women experience it in the last trimester , and it may continue after delivery too .

preeclampsia causes .

till now , there are no definite reasons for preeclampsia , but there are group of risk factors that increase the possibility of preeclampsia , here are some of them ;

  • history of high blood pressure prior to pregnancy
  • abnormal placenta ( placenta that not function properly)
  • Genetic factors .
  • Obesity
  • History of mother or sister who had preeclampsia
  • Diabetes mellitus and kidney problems
  • Pregnant woman over 40

symptoms of preeclampsia 

Preeclampsia in pregnancy don’t have specific symptoms ,and may be occurring  without symptoms .

Some symptoms of preeclampsia like nausea , vomiting and swelling may be refer to a normal pregnancy symptoms , so we can’t depend on it for the accurate diagnosis , but when swelling is too much and happens in more than one place , in the face , legs , hands and around eyes , this may refer to presence of preeclampsia , so ask your doctor immediately if you notice this.

Severity of symptoms vary from woman to woman and vary according to in which week of pregnancy you catch a preeclampsia .

How can preeclampsia affects  me and my baby ?

Preeclampsia in pregnancy , lead to blood vessels constriction that mean low amount of blood that reach to your organs , including liver , kidney and brain , which can lead to serious complications , this constriction also force the small vessels to leak fluids into tissues , what makes the excessive swelling .

The low amount of blood that reach placenta sure affects the amount of nutrients and oxygen reach your baby , and increase the possibility of placental abrubtion , leading to premature delivery , this is why prenatal check is very important .

preeclampsia treatment .

preeclampsia treatment and management depends on many factors , like, severity of the case , the mother health state , the maturity of the baby and time of pregnancy .

Treatment options can vary from hospitalization and assessment for the rest of pregnancy , or medication treatment to the urgent delivery by doing cesserian section in the most severe cases .

Can I get preeclampsia in another pregnancy ?

Researches have shown that the possibility of getting preeclampsia again is approximately 20% , but this percentage vary according to on when you catch it is the previous pregnancy and how severe it was .

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