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pregnant women food – energy foods during pregnancy

have you ever feel fatigue and exhausted ? have you complain of low energy during pregnancy ? in this article we will give you a nice list of energy foods during pregnancy , and tell you how to boost your energy and feel active as you can , pay me your attention and try these foods immediately …….

energy foods during pregnancy

Energy foods during pregnancy : 

when you get pregnant , your body works like a factory that provide energy to promote your baby’s growth , so your body feel fatigue and tired continuously and need high amounts of energy than usual , here is a list of quick energy foods during pregnancy ….

  • whole grains .

as you know , whole grains are a good source of carbohydrates , which break down to glucose and energy ,carbohydrates are the main body fuel , that keep the growth and health of our bodies , but whole grains have an extra advantage to be digested in longer time and give you sustained energy , the best healthy whole grains is found in oatmeal or whole grain bread , so keep them in your daily diet to maintain high energy levels .

  • almonds.

almonds are tasty quick snacks that will help you boost your energy within the day , as they contain large amount of magnesium and vitamin B , which are helpful to obtain energy, in addition to this , they contain proteins and fibers, so provide your body with important nutrients.

people with low magnesium level seem to feel tired quickly than others , so keep almond as your snack to be active and avoid fatigue .

  • Yogurt .

as a pregnant woman , yogurt will provide you a lot of benefits, as it high source of protein , contain large amount of calcium and also will charge your battery , and improve your vitality, for more recipes using yogurt , read this article.

  • Popcorn .

as a whole grain , popcorn is full of carbohydrates and fibers , which are so important to prevent your blood- sugar level from sudden falls , in addition , it’s low fat food that won’t raise your calories , really popcorn is a great energy food during pregnancy.

  • Dark chocolate . 

sure you think about chocolate as being not healthy and have a lot of calories and fats, it’s true but not all chocolate type is harmful , less processed chocolate and dark chocolate is healthy to our bodies , as it contain important antioxidant called flavanol , which will protect the heart and supply it with more oxygen , which mean more energy at the end .

  • Fish

low fat fish, like salmon is an important source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids , which help protecting your heart and boost your energy ,

in addition sea foods contain a lot of minerals which are important to our body health like iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

  • Leafy green vegetables .

green vegetables must be included from pregnant women food, as they are high sources of vitamins, minerals and fibers , they are very essential to our bodies health and provide you with high energy level , so eat them as possible as you can , for you and your baby .

  • Fresh  fruits .

no thing is easy and delicious more than eating fruits , which work like a quick supply of energy , due to containing large amounts of carbohydrates , minerals , vitamins and fibers, so to healthy pregnancy , keep fruits in your diet , as you can .

at the end of our article , we shared with you some of the energy foods during pregnancy , and i hope it will be helpful to be more active and healthy .


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