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preterm labor signs

if you started to have regular contractions which cause your cervix to begin to open before reaching 37 weeks of pregnancy this means that you are experiencing preterm labor signs.

preterm labor signs

well . going into preterm labor doesn’t always mean that you are going to have a premature baby .  more than half of women who experience premature labor eventually deliver at 37 weeks ,  around a quarter of premature births are planned .if your baby or you have a complication  your medical team may decide to induce labor early or even perform  a  C.S  (caesarean section) before 37 weeks  and  this might happen if you have a serious medical condition as worsening preeclampsia or if your fetus has stopped growing.

you may end up having a spontaneous premature birth if you go into labor prematurely if the water breaks early or if the cervix opens prematurely was out with contractions .

call your doctor or Midwife immediately If you experience the following if they could be preterm labor signs

  • Backache
    backache usually will be in your lower back  it could be constant or come and go however it won’t ease even if you change your position or do some things for comfort .
  • cramping
    you may feel like cramping in your lower abdomen which feels like gas pains accompanied with diarrhea  this is considered as one of the preterm labor signs.
  • fluid leaking from vagina ,  increased vaginal discharge , and vaginal bleeding including light bleeding are also preterm labor signs.

most of these preterm labor signs are hard to tell apart of normal pregnancy symptoms  so we went in you what increases your risk and  make you quite sure that  what you are experiencing are preterm labor signs

the following increases your risk...

  •  being very underweight or overweight before getting pregnant.
  •  not getting  good prenatal care .
  •  smoking , drinking alcohol , or using  streets drugs during the pregnancy
  •  having some health conditions as preeclampsia ,  high blood pressure , diabetes and  blood clotting
  •  being pregnant with a baby  has certain birth defects or a baby from in vitro fertilization
  •  getting  pregnant too soon after delivering.
  •  being pregnant with twins or other multiples

premature babies grow more slowly than the babies who are born at full-term  they also have a higher risk of some long-term health problems as autism , cerebral palsy , intellectual disabilities , vision or hearing loss and lung problems

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