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problems getting pregnant

Problems getting pregnant can be found even if you are attuned to every fluctuation in your body’s menstruation and have sex a couple of times a week .

problems getting pregnant

Here are some reasons that may lead to problems getting pregnant .

-Medical conditions :

Hughes syndrome , Thyroid Disorders , Polycystic ovary syndrome , Blocked fallopian tubes , and Endometriosis are some of the disorders that means you have problems getting pregnant .


Fertilization sometimes may occurs but the egg doesn’t get implanted securely in the uterus lining then it gets lost in the next period which could be linked to your luteal phase length .

-Irregular periods

Your menstruation are regulated by hormones , so any hormonal imbalances could make your menstruation irregular , irregular menstruation could mean that ovulation isn’t taking place every month .


Other reason leas to problems getting pregnant is the age ,as when you get older your chances of getting pregnant becomes slimmer .


The quantity and quality of the sperms could effect your getting pregnant chances  , sperms production  gets affected by excessive heat , drinking and taking drugs , in addition to injuries to the testicles .

Also from the reasons behind problems getting pregnant is the past pelvic infection .

-Male infertility causes problems getting pregnant and it is resulted from :

  • The sperm transport from the testes blockage.
  • sperm antibodies .
  • hormonal problems .
  • sexual problems as impotence .

-Problems getting pregnant can also be resulted from the presence of vaginal infections which could kill the sperms .

-Polycystic ovary .

-The small womb size .

-The excessive mother’s weight .

-hostile cervical mucous .

-Using some types  of medicines can lead to ovulation disorders as cortisone and psychiatric drugs .

-Also from the reasons for having problems getting pregnant is the birth defects in the reproductive system which prevents the semen from reaching the vagina , and that is treated by a surgical interference .

How to improve your chance of getting pregnant ?

-Be keen on having intercourse around your ovulation time .

-Stop smoking (husband and wife)

-Follow a healthy diet 

-follow the best position during the intercourse which is to make the woman lay on her back as some positions don’t allow the sperm to reach the egg which prevents the fertilization from taking place .

-Reduce your exposure to chemicals , organic solvents and toxins .

-Do sports regularly .

-try to reduce your stress level .

-Stay within a healthy weight range .

-Stay within a healthy BMI .

-Reduce your intake of

  • saturated fats
  • fast foods
  • animal proteins
  • chemically produced foods

-Increase your husband intake of zinc , seafood , red meat , vegetables , and green leafy as they are good for producing healthy sperms .

Reduce caffeine drinks and alcohol  .

Try to relax always .

Problems getting pregnant can be treated by surgeries or medicines , so when you feel that you have problems getting pregnant you should visit a doctor to tell you what should be done .  

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