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signs of labor approaching

Signs of labor approaching could be easily detected with paying some attention , you may experience the following symptoms before labor by 1-4 weekssigns of labor approaching

Signs of labor approaching:

The baby drops

Your baby will start to descend your pelvis (in the first pregnancy as in the next births this lightening doesn’t happen until you are really delivering ) your baby is preparing him self for exiting by making his head down and low and you will feel more waddling than before and you will back to the frequent urination that you experienced in your first trimester because the baby’s head is pushing down on your bladder , but finally you will be able to breathe well as the baby moved away from your lungs .

 The cervix dilates

Also your cervix is preparing for birth by dilating and thinning out in the days before labor .

 More cramps and back pain !

They are certain signs of labor approaching especially if it is not your first pregnancy , as you will feel some cramps and pain in your lower back and this is due to the stretching and shifting of your joints and muscles in preparation for birth .

 Joints feel looser

During pregnancy , the hormone relaxin made your ligaments loosen and soften , noticing that your joints feel a bit looser is from the signs of labor approaching as your pelvis is being opened up for your little baby to make his way to the world .


It is from the annoying signs of labor approaching as your uterus muscles are relaxing in preparation for delivery which could lead to loose bowel movements , just try to stay hydrated .

 Losing weight

Another one from signs of labor approaching is losing weight due to lower levels of amniotic fluid , increased activity and more potty breaks .

 Extra fatigue and urge to nest

By feeling these signs of labor approaching you may wonder is this the third trimester or the first one ! The super-size belly with smooched bladder could make it so hard to get good night’s sleep in the weeks before delivery . It is advisable to pile on your pillows and take naps during the day , but sometimes the opposite happens as some mothers get a burst of energy and can’t resist the compelling urge to organize and tidy everything in sight as the birth-day nears .


Due to the hormone levels increasing you may experience an outbreak of pimples in the days right before labor begins , acne is one of the common signs of labor approaching .


You may experience dizziness in the hours before delivery .


Another one of the common signs of labor approaching is lightening as many women experience it in their upper body as the fetus moves down into the birth canal , and this usually occurs a week or more before labor in the first pregnancy and about a day in later pregnancies .


Well, it is not unusual for women who will deliver soon to have uncontrollable shivers and shakes on and off .

 Sniffles and sleep

Which both regarded as signs of labor approaching as right before delivery many women experience the best night’s sleep they have had for many weeks ! In addition to their having an increase in runny noses because of the higher levels of hormones in the body .

waters breaking

That sign which many people talk about is actually one of the uncommon signs of labor approaching as only 10-15 of labors begin with breaking of the amniotic sac .

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