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spotting during pregnancy second trimester

Spotting during pregnancy second trimester is a very confusing thing to most of the pregnant women , so we will try to tell you all what you need to know about it ….

spotting during pregnancy second trimester

Reasons behind spotting during pregnancy second trimester could be one of the following

  • Has nothing to do with the fetus such as vaginal infections
  • Presence of the umbilical cord in front of the baby’s head
  • Because of the developed placenta
  • Separation of the placenta.
  • The last reason is like a birthmark

I will talk about every reason in details ….

The first reason which has nothing to do with the fetus but localized reasons and at the forefront of them is the  vaginal inflammation and therefore cause ulcers in the vagina causing spotting during pregnancy second trimester .

This case treatment  begins  with examinations  and ends with treatment of vaginal infections, so it is advisable to treat any vaginal infection once it occurs.

And under this category joins the presence  of Instantaneous growths     inside the vagina or cervical diet and they all could bleed because of the  increasing of  blood with pregnancy progresses especially after intercourse, and bleeding in this category is fresh red blood in small amounts you may notice in underwear or while cleaning.

The second reason is having advanced placenta


And in this case, the placenta is close or completely shutting the  cervix so it becomes right before the baby’s head as shown in the previous image, and placenta are diagnosed in the last third of pregnancy after 30 week of conception.

And studies have shown that the placenta provides when sixteenth week in 98% of cases rise by thirty week.

the  reason behind the formation of the developed placenta is implantation of the  fertilized egg at the bottom of the womb, and not walking or working as some people believe  and with the progress of pregnancy the uterus begins to grow and by the end of the sixth month the lower part of the uterus start  to form and therefore the developed placenta  rise before that but in a few cases the implanting is too low and thus be placenta be at the lower part of the uterus and become advanced with their growth.

So everyone beware of those who claim  having treatment for raising the placenta because  this is scam or those who prescribe treatment to prevent (contractions during pregnancy) which may cause the pregnant death.

Diagnosing developed placenta

-The only way to diagnose  developed placenta is  sonar which specifies whether that developed placenta completely covers the cervix  or just close to it .

-The symptoms developed placenta
Bleeding.. fresh blood which is  painless at first or has  little pain which then disappears.

The advanced Placenta therapy

  • the treatment here is according to  bleeding and  the pregnant and her fetus  and having such bleeding demands going  to the nearest doctor immediately  to save the life of the mother and her baby.
  • sometimes the treatment is done by  hypnosis  and sometimes by  blood transfusion for the pregnant and sometimes by  an emergency caesarean.

And the lower part of the uterus is so thin compared to the rest of the uterus , since that after the egression of placenta bleeding becomes severe And here a several surgical interventions should be done to ligature  the uterine arteries followed by the ligature of the  bleeding veins then compress the uterine and sew it to stop the bleeding.

And these ways rarely fail and it failed the cure is cure is the hysterectomy to save the mother’s life. And as we said, this is a rare to  occur but it is a  risk all pregnant with advanced placentas and their husbands  should know s so they agree  on the caesarean section .

The third reason for spotting during pregnancy second trimester is separation of placenta which is the most common reason , where a part of placenta or the whole of it get separated from uterine wall causing vaginal bleeding or bleeding inside uterus which doesn’t be discovered till opening the fetus water and this bleeding is a fresh blood with continuous which could be the delivering pain but it increases with the enlargement of the fetus’s head sometimes .

Placenta separating diagnosis and treatment ..

It is usually diagnosed by sonar , and its treatment depends on the stop of bleeding , its amount and location in placenta and the status of the woman and her fetus where in simple cases the pregnant woman can continue her pregnancy naturally without any problems whereas sometimes a caesarean section must be done .

The fourth reason
a rare reason for
spotting during pregnancy second trimester is presence of umbilical cord in front of the fetus’s head so when the water is opened in front of his head naturally the umbilical cord gets wounded and a severe bleeding starts which is a fresh blood appears after the water explosion without any pain , and going to the nearest hospital here could help saving the pennant’s baby and life and the interference here is usually by a caesarean section  .

And the last reason is the descent of red blood mixed with mucus which is a birthmark and it occurs to 50% of pregnant women and 10% of early pregnancy cases and it may not be found but occurs after the doctor examination where it doesn’t occur at all to the other 25%  .

And that occurs as a result for the secretion of that mucus when the cervix get widen and some  small veins could be cut producing that blood and it stops through the progress of the delivery .

And that was all the reasons behind spotting during pregnancy second trimester we hope that you knew all what you was searching for .

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