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Stages in pregnancy week by week

Stages in pregnancy week by week is such a very important thing every pregnant woman should know as it helps taking care of her health and fetus during the pregnancy period.

Stages in pregnancy week by week

First of dear lady you should know that there are  early stages of pregnancy before missed period and pregnancy takes about 40 weeks but some are born before the complete of these  weeks and some are born after them by around a week ..


Here are the Stages in pregnancy week by week

The first week

Starts in the first day of menstruation.

Second week

Starts when the egg get fertilized by the sperm , the woman’s body starts to get ready to carry the fetus .

Third week

When the egg get fertilized it prevents any other sperm to get through it and carries 23 pair of  chromosomes and then divides into 46 cells .

The fourth week

The egg gets shaped as a ball composed of hundreds of hollowed cells filled with fluids , and grow up to be three-disc-shaped micro layers .

Also in the 4th week the amniotic  liquid starts to form.

The fifth week

The fetus gets divided into 3 layers ,each layer of them later  forms the organs and tissues .

The tube in the back which was formed in the 4th  week gets out from the brain , spine and nerves , in the middle  of this layer the heart starts to appear , the third one contains the lungs , stomach and the beginning of the urinary tract .

At the same time the primary form of placenta and umbilical cord Which transports food to the fetus , will be formed to start their function.

The length of the embryo is half a  centimeter.

The sixth week

The heart weight here is like a grain , the main organs start to grow as the two kidneys , liver , and the lower area which will form the mouth later , a small part of the neck and the lower jaw start to grow , the stomach formation continue with the appendix formation .

The nostrils get identified and retina start to form .

The tube composed in the 4th week which connects the brain to the spinal begins close , and the limbs start to crack off which later compose arms and legs .

The seventh week

The fetus grows more in this week and becomes in the size of a bean and his length becomes 1.25 cm

The head size here is larger than rest of the body relatively and growth continues to form……

  • the face parts with a black eye patches
  • very small holes in the nose and ear locations , and limbs begin to merge more clearly as the hands and feet are shown in a  permanent movement  as tiny switches  .
  • Pituitary gland start to grow and the heart starts to pulse slightly by around 150 beats per minute which is double the normal pulse rate for adults

The eighth week   

It’s one of the most effective stages in pregnancy which can’t be neglected at all in studying the Stages in pregnancy week by week where the fetus and the parts which were formed start to grow rapidly and become more specified

-The fetus size in this week is like a grape .

-The liver starts to form a large amount of red blood cells till the bones core form later and do that mission instead of the liver .

-The roof of the mouth and the teeth start to form and his skin is light and transparent where it’s easy to see the veins inside .

The ninth week

-The fetus here moves into another different stage where the uterus widen and the hand fixes in the wrist .

-Eyelids start to cover the eye area

-And he weighs here about 40 grams and his length extends to 2.25 cm .

The tenth week

-Eyelids links to the eyes .

-the genitals start to be composed with the inability of determining the fetus’s sex .

-by the end of this week his length reaches about 3.75 and his weight is like an almond .

The eleventh week

It is so important to know Stages in pregnancy week by week to be able to know that in this week many details start to appear as small hairs and nails.

-The main organs formation complete as liver , kidneys , intestine , brain and lungs .

-The front of the head appears where it is half the size of the fetus for a temporary time as well as the ability to see the spine and nerves appear in the spinal cord in this week .

-The embryo in this week starts to kick , and the uterus size enlarge and becomes in the size of a grapefruit

-His length now is 4-7.5 cm and weighs about 14 grams .

The twelfth  week

-The first stage of pregnancy approaches to end in this week

-The chance of miscarriage decreases

-The embryo now is about 6.5 cm

The thirteenth week

-the embryo’s face becomes clearer and so close to the normal face , ears are located in their normal location

– the liver starts to secrets the bile secretions .

-kidneys start to secret the urine in the urinary bladder

-the embryo starts to move simply but his mother still doesn’t feel this movement .

-the nervous cells duplicate now and the embryo’s reactions becomes more effective

-he is now about 15 grams and 7.5 cm .

The fourteenth week

-his fingertips now are distinctive.    

-if the embryo is a female then there is 2 million ovums in her oval now and will become million ovums when she is delivered and this number will decrease till it becomes 200,000 ovum when she is 17 years old .

-the mother breasts start to form the material which will nourish the baby .

-his weight becomes 28 grams and his length becomes 7.5-10 cm .

The fifteenth week

-the fetus’s body size here grows more than the head

-a semi haired  layer covers the skin is found but it disappears after the birth of the baby.

– the eyebrows  start to grow but the  hair form  and colour change after birth.

-The embryo starts doing some simple movements with the face and limbs, and also may start sucking his thumb. researchers find that these simple movements are reactions to the growth of the brain.

-The length of the fetus now is almost  7.5 – 8.5 cm and Weighs  approximately 49 grams .

The sixth week

-The fetus’s sex is determined (male, female), through sound waves  because  the genitals have appeared sufficiently.

-The mother can now feel his movements  .

-He became almost  11 cm and  154 grams.

The seventieth week

-he  starts playing and moving in the womb using umbilical cord which he pulls  frequently.

Circulatory and urethra do their functions sufficiently .

-the embryo now can inhale and exhale by the lungs .

-the mother may feel pain in her sides if she made a sudden movement because the ligament on the sides of the uterus and pelvic wall is expanding more during the growth of the embryo inside the womb .

-greases is formed under the embryo’s skin.

Length of fetus Now is 13 cm and weighs  approximately 168 grams.


By knowing Stages in pregnancy week by week you will know that you are in the second pregnancy stage  which  starts in the 16th week

The eighteenth week

A substance called marrow starts to cover the spinal cord .

-the baby’s pulse can be heard by ultra sound waves .

-his size increases with the enlargement of the uterus .


The nineteenth week

if the fetus is a male then his genital organs has been completely formed and if it is a female then the vagina ,fallopian tube , and uterus have been formed .

-the mother see via the radiography the fetus clearly while moving ,kicking and sucking his thumb .

-the fetus now is approximately 15 cm .


The twentieth week

-the kidney composes the urine .

-scalp hair has begun to grow during this stage

-senses growth reaches its peak this week , and nerve cells serve all the 5 senses , where all these senses grow now in their determined locations in the brain .

-nerve cells growth increases in the brain and they become more complicated .

-the fetus now is about 15 cm and 253 grams .


The 21st week

The fetus continues to grow and gain weight to stay warm after birth .

-the fetus swallow a large amount of the amniotic fluid , as it helps running the digestive system , then his body absorbs the water and convert the rest Of the liquid content to the intestines .

-the fetus now need more iron to help in forming red blood Cells which is found in

Fish and poultry




The 22nd week

-eyelids and eyebrows now are completely grown as well as the nails .

-his ears now are strong enough to hear all your conversations clearly .


Your stages in  pregnancy week by week   acquaintance is  about to reach its peak now !

Because now the 3rd pregnancy stage has begun at the end of the 24th week


The seventh month

-the fetus moves in circles around himself now from time to time .

-his length now is 38 cm , while his weight is 105 kg .


The eighth month

-now the fetus start to descend to his  mother’s pelvis where she can feel comfortable and can breathe better as the pressure on her abdomen became less .

-the fetus’s length now is 48 cm and his weight  is about 3 kg and in the 40th week his growth gets completed and he becomes 3-3.5 kg .


Now dear woman you almost know all stages in pregnancy week by week and you will notice how much this knowledge will benefit you during you pregnancy period of time .


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