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swollen feet during pregnancy

in this article we will discuss causes of the problem of  swollen feet during pregnancy, when you worry about this and how to deal with this problem , so if you feel the early signs of pregnancy don’t miss this article, to avoid this problem ……….

swollen feet during pregnancy

causes of swollen feet during pregnancy :

when you get pregnant , the amount of fluids in your body will be increased, by a percentage of 50% than normal , to nourish your baby , this  swelling (edema) is happen due to retention of  these fluids into your tissues , some changes in your blood chemistry decreased the amount of fluids excreted and increased it’s retention.

as your baby grow, your body will need an extra fluids to soften your pelvic joints to be ready for delivery, this is also explain why your body push fluids to your tissues rather than excrete it .

another reason for swollen feet during pregnancy , is the extra pressure your growing uterus exerts on your lower veins and vena cava ( the large vein that deliver blood  from limbs back to the heart) , this pressure slows the  return of blood , causing it to be retained in the lower limbs , which forces fluids to exit from veins to  the tissues  of your feet and ankles.

note that edema may also occur in your face, hands and legs .

when you will experience swollen feet during pregnancy?

edema during pregnancy is a normal sign, that may happen in any time of pregnancy, but most of pregnant women undergo swelling from the fifth month that can be increased in the third trimester until pregnancy.

How to reduce swelling during pregnancy ?

you can reduce the symptoms of swollen feet during pregnancy by follow these simple tips ……..

  • eat foods that contain high amounts of potassium e.g; bananas , as potassium is thought to help in reduce fluid retention, also reduce the amount of caffeine.
  • put your legs in a high level as you can ,to help in the return of blood from your limbs to the heart.
  • don’t stand for long time.
  • don’t wear tight shoes, instead wear a comfortable ones to accommodate your swollen feet .
  • avoid going outdoor when it’s hot , as elevated temperatures increase the swelling .
  • make a short walk every day, to prevent your blood from pooling in the lower limbs.
  • reduce the amount of salt intake in your diet , as salt increase fluid retention that lead to swelling.
  • avoid cross your legs while sitting , instead stretch them in a straight way to keep blood circulate  freely.
  • put cold bags on the swollen area .
  • drink plenty of water, as water help your body excrete the excess fluid and reduce edema to some extent.

when to worry about swelling during pregnancy ?

when you notice  sudden swelling in your face and puffiness near your eyes, with excessive swelling in your hands and legs , these may be a sign of preeclampsia ( the elevated high blood pressure during pregnancy ) , if you feel these symptoms call your doctor for more advice.

finally don’t  worry about swollen feet during pregnancy as it’s a temporary symptom that will go away immediately after delivery.


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