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What are pregnancy symptoms and when do they start ? What are tubal pregnancy symptoms ? And what are the unusual pregnancy symptoms? We will answer that all

We know how concerned you are about your being pregnant and what it means to you to be a mother , so we will answer all your questions about pregnancy symptoms and when do pregnancy symptoms start , and don’t worry we will tell you what you need to know about tubal pregnancy symptoms and the unusual pregnancy symptoms , just read the next lines and we promise you won’t regret!

First of all I will answer your pressing  question “ how to know that I am  pregnant? “  and  tell you what are the pregnancy symptoms.

pregnancy symptoms

Every woman wants to get pregnant all she cares about is to know whether she is pregnant or not and seeks for any thing that proves her pregnancy .

All gynecologists confirm that when the ovum reaches the fallopian tube it waits for 24 hrs till the sperm fertilize it , and when  fertilization   is done the ovum takes 3 or 4 days till it reaches the womb where the pregnancy hormone is already found in the blood but it doesn’t appear on the pregnancy test until the woman is having her monthly cycle and if she didn’t have it in its expected time then it is the first pregnancy symptom .

Also the pregnant woman can know via some attention her being pregnant after the fertilization process directly through some signs and changes she can feel as :

pregnancy symptoms

  • pain in the breasts
    If you are pregnant you will feel some pain in your breasts with their swelling and this region becomes very sensitive especially the nipples and that is a strong evidence which proves that you are pregnant and if it is your first pregnancy you will notice blue lines on your breasts and the appearance of dark colour around your nipples may mean that the fertilization process has succeeded and it might be related to hormonal imbalance which has nothing to do with pregnancy  .

  • convulsions
    Which means strong pain and cramps below your stomach and it is repetitive in the start of the pregnancy  .

  • Bulge
    Bulge is regarded as a sign of pregnancy which most of the  women don’t pay it any attention , as a result of the hormone changes which occurs after ovulation which slower the work of the digestive system  .
  • Being tired and fatigued
    Do you feel tired and fatigued most of the time ? Exhaustion and fatigue without any obvious reasons are from the pregnancy symptoms because some women are so sensitive to any hormonal change , since the progesterone hormone makes you feel tired and want to sleep more often .
  • Morning sickness
    Morning sickness is a certain pregnancy symptom , since most of the women feel it with vomiting 
  • Some changes in the sense of taste
    You may notice some changes in your sense of taste , where you can’t taste your tea or coffee and some women feel bitterness in their mouths and this is an unusual pregnancy symptom .
  • Frequent urination
    When you are pregnant and your womb starts to secret the pregnancy hormone you will notice  that you pee more than usual .
  • Backache
    The frequent backache which you feel when you make any effort is a proof of pregnancy if you don’t suffer from backache generally .
  • Eating too much
    It is a sign of pregnancy if it is accompanied with any other pregnant symptom .
  • weight increasing
    Some women gain weight in the start of pregnancy , so if you notice any change in your weight it may be on of the pregnancy symptoms .
  • Headache
    The sudden change in your hormones may cause you a headache in the start of the pregnancy .
  • Problems with the respiration
    It is a common pregnancy symptom because the fetus in the womb need oxygen supply And  that causes  the shortness of breathe to the mother .
  • Syncope and dizziness
    They occur in the first days of pregnancy and they are sure and common pregnancy symptoms , which resulted from the decreasing of the sugar level in the blood Or the low blood pressure because of the hormonal changes.

After you knew all common pregnancy symptoms let me tell you that there are unusual pregnancy symptoms which you have no idea about and the pregnant woman may think they are problems and can harm her baby , while they are actually just an unusual pregnancy symptoms , and here are some of them :

what are symptoms of pregnancy

unusual pregnancy symptoms:

  • Teeth gum bleeding
    Teeth gum bleeding isn’t a common pregnancy symptom and it depends on the hormonal changes in the body and it occurs during brushing your teeth .
  • constipation
    Usually constipation occurs after pregnancy but sometimes it is a pregnancy symptom.
  • Itching
    Itching isn’t a common pregnancy symptom , but sometimes it is found in some cases since pregnancy causes pumping a huge amount of blood in the body which reaches the skin causing itching .
  • Nose bleeding
    If you are pregnant and your nose bleeded don’t worry  it isn’t dangerous at all it is just an unusual pregnancy symptom and is resulted from the high blood pressure .
  • leaking of milk
    Leaking of milk is supposed to start after delivery but sometimes it is an unusual pregnancy symptom in the last months of pregnancy .
  • bleeding
    Bleeding is known to be a symptom of miscarriage but that isn’t always , since sometimes it is a pregnancy symptom and it is a result of the fetus implanting in the womb or placenta Previa .
  • the pelvis pain
    It is an unusual pregnancy symptom which you may feel during walking or standing for a long time .

Also you may have asked your self when do pregnancy symptoms start?

Pregnancy symptoms may appear in the first week of pregnancy or even after few weeks and that depends on the woman nature , where a study done with the participation of 163 women showed that 50% of them started to feel the symptoms of pregnancy after 5 weeks only since the start of the pregnancy .

Tubal pregnancy symptoms , its reasons , treatment , and risks ..

It is normal that the  fertilized egg takes her way to the womb Where it gets implanted in the endometrial and the fetus keeps growing , but in the tubal pregnancy case the fertilized egg implants outside the womb and 97% of the tubal pregnancy cases occurs in one Fallopian tube and it can also occur in the cervix of the ovary .

The tubal pregnancy reasons..

  • inflammation or infection in the Fallopian tube which can lead to a partial or complete clogging.
  • former injury or surgical operation can hinder the egg movement.
  • abnormal growth or birth defects which can lead to a defect in the tube shape.
    The tubal pregnancy symptoms
  • the vaginal bleeding
    Vaginal bleeding is a common thing relatively and It doesn’t usually refer to a tubal pregnancy case .
  • stomach-ache and shoulders’ pain
    The pain in the shoulders may be from the tubal pregnancy symptoms due to some internal bleeding .
  • feeling uncomfortable during urination or defecation
    You may feel pain when you pee or defecate and you may have diarrhea too since the changes in the bladder and intestines are normal things during pregnancy.
  • symptoms of rupture
    In some cases when pregnancy start to grow inside the fallopian tube , the tube gets exhausted because it can’t assimilate the fetus and this case is very dangerous and demands a surgical operation .

The tubal pregnancy treatment:

tubal pregnancy symptoms

-the easiest tubal pregnancy case -where the fetus’s heart isn’t found and the fallopian tube is in a good form – can be treated by medicines   you should undergo blood tests to guarantee the decreasing of the pregnancy hormone in the blood which if it didn’t decrease by 15% at least in four to seven days after the start if the treatment  you will need another dose.
-the surgery by a speculum
In the most cases when medicines isn’t a suitable choice it need a surgery under the complete anesthetization to get rid of that tubal pregnancy by entering the speculum in the abdomen through a tiny hole .

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