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diet during pregnancy

every pregnant woman dreams of having a healthy pregnancy and a fair  baby  so she does her best to achieve that and we will also do our best to make your dream comes true .

to have a fair baby you should follow a healthy pregnancy diet since following a suitable diet during pregnancy is your first step towards achieving your goal in having a healthy pregnancy .

diet during pregnancy

you should know what to eat during pregnancy  and  what foods to avoid when pregnant in addition to the healthy pregnancy snacks during the  pregnant women diet , healthy food for pregnant women have a magical effect on her baby’s health and her own health , so dear pregnant woman in this article you will find the best diet during pregnancy and we will spot the light on what to eat during pregnancy by mentioning the healthy food for  pregnant women and we will also tell you what are the healthy pregnancy snacks and the foods to avoid when pregnant since that in the  diet during pregnancy you aren’t allowed to eat all types of food as before . but don’t worry because in your healthy pregnancy diet you will have the chance to eat many amazing types of food you didn’t used to eat before getting into the pregnant woman diet . we hope you a nice  Journey in  your diet during pregnancy !

what to eat during pregnancy?

the first thing to know when you are following a pregnant women diet is what to eat during your pregnancy .  your diet during pregnancy should be varied , nutritious and balancing and it must include the following

pregnancy nutrition

fruits and vegetables

aim for 5 portions of fruit or vegetables they could be in the form of dried , canned , frozen , juice or fresh . experts say that eating fruit is better for you than drinking the juice as  fresh and frozen fruits have a higher vitamins amount.


your diet during pregnancy shouldn’t be empty of protein  as lean , meat , fish , Chicken and egg , the following  foods are good sources of protein :  tofu and the soy products , quinoa (which is believed to have all the essential amino acids) ,  beans , lentils , legumes , nuts and most of the previous are also rich in iron.


 healthy food for pregnant women should contain calcium which is found in dairy products as milk , cheese and yogurt and it is also found in fortified soy milk and juices ,  soybeans , broccoli ,  collards , bok choy , okra , mustard greens , Chinese cabbage , kale , soy nuts , and sardines or salmon with bones .


whole grain foods as wild rice  , whole grain bread , pulses , wholegrain pasta , fruit and vegetables are rich in fiber ,  eating plenty of fiber is super effective in minimizing the constipation risks during pregnancy as well as its ability in reducing  haemorrhoids risk  .  it also helps prevent obesity .


Bananas offer quick energy to fight off the fatigue of pregnancy , they are also easy on the stomach if you are nauseated , bananas are rich in potassium too .


zinc is also essential  in your healthy pregnancy diet as it plays a vital role in the development , normal growth , cellular integrity and  many biological functions as nucleic acid metabolism and protein synthesis  as all these functions are involved in the growth and the cell division , zinc is also so important for the growth of the fetus , you can find zinc  in chicken ,  shrimps , crab , turkey ham ,  meat ,  fish , oysters ,  beans ,  nuts ,  cheese ,  Yogurt , peanut butter ,  sunflower seeds , bran , ginger , wheat germ , rice , onions , pasta , eggs , cereals , tofu and lentils .


salmon is one of the best answers you can get when asking what to eat during  pregnancy as it is rich in high-quality protein and it  is an exceptionally perfect  source of omega-3 fats that are good for your baby’s development  and it is unlike king mackerel , tilefish ,  swordfish and the shark it has low amounts  of methyl mercury that can be harmful to your fetus’s developing nervous system.

Folic acid

healthy food for pregnant women should contain folic acid which is crucial  in helping  to prevent birth defects in the baby’s spine and  brain which are known as neural tube defects ,  you can get folic acid from leafy green vegetable , breads , pastas , and fortified or enriched cereals .


another healthy food for pregnant women is broccoli  as it is packed  with nutrients such as calcium and folate that are necessary for a healthy pregnancy diet  , it is also rich in fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants , broccoli  also contains a plenty of vitamin C so it will help your body absorb the iron you get when you eat an iron-rich food as whole wheat pasta or brown rice  .

After you knew what to eat during the pregnancy let’s tell you about  the foods to avoid when pregnant

foods to avoid when pregnant

foods to avoid when pregnant


you should avoid alcohol during the pregnancy as alcohol in the mother’s blood could pass directly to her fetus through the umbilical cord . the heavy use of alcohol while being pregnant has being linked with fetal alcohol Spectrum disorders.

Fish with high levels of mercury

swordfish , king mackerel , shark and tilefish contain high levels of methylmercury  so they should be avoided because methylmercury is a toxic chemical that can pass throw your placenta and could be harmful to your unborn baby’s developing brain ,  nervous system and  kidneys

Unpasteurized food

here is another type of foods to avoid when pregnant  ,  pregnant woman is at high  risk of getting sick from two types of food poisoning : listeriosis which is caused by the listeria bacteria and toxoplasmosis  which is an infection caused by parasite according to the USDA ,  listeria infection can cause a stillbirth ,  miscarriage , preterm labor ,  illness and in some cases death in newborns.

 to avoid listeriosis  here is the foods to avoid when pregnant:

raw milk and the food made from it as feta , blue-veined , cheeses , brie , camembert , queso blanco and queso fresco , you should also avoid hot dogs , sore-bought deli salad , tuna salad ,luncheon meats  seafood salad and unpasteurized refrigerated meat spreads .

and to avoid toxoplasmosis here is the food to avoid when pregnant :

rare , undercooked or raw meats , raw fish as sashimi , carpaccio , ceviches  and sushi as well as raw shellfish as mussels , oysters , clams and scallops .

raw eggs

healthy food for pregnant women

raw eggs and  any foods that contain raw eggs are types of food to avoid when pregnant because of the potential exposure to salmonella , mayonnaise , homemade ice cream or custards , some homemade Caesar and hollandaise sauce may be made with raw eggs .

Unwashed vegetables

Vegetables are the most essential healthy food for pregnant women , so it is important to make sure they are well-washed to avoid the potential exposure to toxoplasmosis , as toxoplasmosis might contaminate the soil where the vegetables are grown .

Fatty Foods

too much fatty food could make your cholesterol skyrocket and you will be stuck with the fat after giving birth making you vulnerable to obesity and heart diseases .


licorice  is a harmless spice used in many cuisines however it is one if the foods to avoid when pregnant because it can cause the uterine contractions which can lead to preterm labor .


some studies show that caffeine intake may be related to miscarriage you should avoid it especially in the first trimester to reduce the possibilities of  miscarriage ,  anyways you should limit caffeine to fewer than 200 milligram per day  in your diet  during the pregnancy , however it is important to drink plenty of water , milk and Juice rather than caffeinated beverages .

after you have known what foods to avoid when pregnant let’s move to the best and the nicest part in the pregnancy women diet

Healthy pregnancy snacks

healthy pregnancy snacks

Apple and  cheese

An apple with hard cheese as Monterey jack , Swiss or cheddar.

the apple has more than 4 grams of fiber and is 95 calories . they are crunchy and can’t be more portable also apple peel is full of pectin which  is  a soluble fiber that could improve the Digestive Health , each ounce slice of the cheddar cheese has 200 mg of calcium and each slice is about 110 calories and 9 gram of fat so two slices are good and enough

homemade trail mix

1/2 cup pumpkin seeds , 1/2 cup raw almonds , 1/2 cup dried tart cherries , 1/2 cup dark chocolate chunks


1/2 cup walnuts , 1/2 cup dried diced mango , 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut , 1/2 cup cashews

these recipes offer a tasty mix  of pregnancy boosters containing  vitamin D calcium and the mineral magnesium that helps build teeth and bones ,  dark chocolate also contains heart-protective cocoa flavanols  and helps  lower blood pressure and it also contains small amounts of bone-building minerals , copper , manganese , magnesium , zinc and phosphorus

Greek yogurt parfait

A container of plain greek yogurt topped with one cup blueberries and two tablespoons chopped walnuts

This is of the most healthy pregnancy snacks as greek yogurt is loaded with protein and provides 15% of your daily calcium requirements and it also contains probiotics that help you maintain a healthy digestive system , walnuts also contain vitamin B biotic that helps you get energy from the food you eat.

Veggies or chips guacamole

Another healthy pregnancy snacks are veggies or chips guacamole which contain ½ ,  cup of carrots and ¼ cup of guacamole with ½ cup of celery sticks

Or 1 ounce of lower sodium tortilla chips with about ¼ cup of guacamole

Cucumber and celery are low in calories and they contain a lot of water , and guacamole is packed with potassium which helps maintain the  fluid and electrolyte balance in the cells of your body .

Melon with lime

This snack is one of the most delicious healthy pregnancy snacks… lucky you!

it contains watermelon or any other melon with a squeeze of lime . watermelon will help you stay hydrated during the pregnancy with providing a sweet treat as watermelon is 92% water .

Cranberry pumpkin granola bars

it is a salty-sweet snacks packed with seeds , nut butter and dried fruit , this snack fills you up and keeps you energized throughout your day .

pudding or custard

Custard is an amazing healthy pregnancy snack as it is full of filling , cream , calcium-rich milk and eggs. , banana coconut pudding is a super tasty dairy free option too.

watermelon split

one of the most perfect healthy pregnancy snacks is the watermelon split , this split uses fresh bananas , low-fat vanilla , yogurt , berries , almonds , and grapes… yummy !

watermelon the pregnancy super food will help your baby and you stay hydrated .

You can try these healthy pregnancy snacks too ..

  • crispy kale chips topped with grated Parmesan .
  • halved cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil.
  • wholegrain pita chips dipped in hummus .
  • frozen grapes plus a string cheese .
  • baked cinnamon apple chips
  • healthy low-fat muffins (zucchini – bran – blueberry – carrot , etc ).
  • whole wheat pretzels with mustard for dipping
  • grapes and cheddar cheese cubes .
  • edamame and either fresh or dried fruit .

In you diet during pregnancy try these amazing drinks too ..

  • grass-fed whole milk
  • baked sweet potato chips .
  • apple cider vinegar
  • red raspberry leaf tea
  • smoothies

now you know everything about the healthy food for pregnant women and the healthy pregnancy diet . share this article to let mummies-to-be know too !


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